Thursday, May 25, 2023

[Airen Activities] 2023 Lee Seung Gi Concert in Singapore Projects

 Hi Singapore Airen!

We have an absolutely fun time with Seung Gi in Singapore! Can you recall how many? 2019, 2018, 2013, 2012 That's 4! It is truly an amazing journey cheering for Seung Gi as Singapore Airen for a decade! Despite the pandemic affecting our lives and the way we live, our support for Seung Gi has never stopped and we continue to cheer for him in South Korea all through the year because he doesn't stop working haha! From birthday support to drama support to variety show press conference support and music albums support, we cheered for him, and he thanked us in different ways. We stay close together as Airen with Lee Seung Gi.

Last year, it is indeed a very challenging year for everyone. While we try to adapt to the new normal in our lives, we also went through lots of things with Seung Gi and it wasn't easy. For Seung Gi, for you, and for the fan community. We truly appreciate your support to Seung Gi and your support to cheer as Singapore Airen. You didn't unsubscribe from our updates on him and always share your thoughts and encourage us and also show your love for him and airen around. Thank you, Singapore Airen!

As soon as Seung Gi set up HumanMade, he expressed his aspirations of what he wanted to do. He has so many ideas and content that he is so excited to share. And as soon as he manages to find a pocket of time from his busy schedule, he expresses his desire to meet Airen face to face. We were truly amazed by the number of stops for his Asia tour. He was really excited to sing for everyone! Singapore Airen always hopes that he come to Singapore for a concert and this time, we have our wish come true!!! 

Get your tickets NOW 👉🏻

We would really like to give a pat on Singapore Airen's shoulder for making alternate arrangements on your personal/work/family commitment on a mid-week, weekday to join us to meet Seung Gi~
Thank you so much~ 

Because everyone has been asking!! So here it is! We would like to kick-start the most important event for this quarter, raising funds for the upcoming concert happening on 14 June 2023. Below are some of the proposed plans:

- Welcome Flower Basket
- Gifts for Lee Seung Gi and his live band, and HumanMade's staff (20pax)
- Snack Box for Lee Seung Gi and his live band, and HumanMade's staff (20pax)
- Pretty PhotoZone
- Hand Banners
- Flower Baskets + Flower Stand
- Full-scale Meal Support for Lee Seung Gi and his live band, HumanMade's staff and backstage crews (30pax)

Depending on the amount of funds raised, it may be subject to change without prior notice. We hope to be able to fulfill all of the above without having to do away with any. This is the biggest team he has ever brought to Singapore so far, he hopes that everyone gets to experience the live band music. 

Lee Seung Gi Singapore does not have an account that maintains its own fund. We collect funds as and when funds are needed to support projects. We welcome any amount of contribution. No obligation. =) 

Please make a fund transfer via a bank to POSB Bank - Saving Account No. 060-84778-9 or (For Whatsapp Broadcast Group member/Line Group member) Paylah! or Paynow to NKO with the number end with 4195. 

After you have made a transfer, it is important to fill up the Contribution Verification Form so that we can keep a record and verify your money immediately. 

List of Singapore Airen who have participated in the support:

6666 - $1000
1406 - $1000
4791 - $500
9340 - $300
8163 - $300
9395 - $300
8234 - $300
4791 - $500
8670 - $200
8448 - $200
1203 - $200
4495 - $190
1212 - $150
0150 - $150
0129 - $120
1315 - $100
7587 - $100
4488 - $100
2764 - $100
4375 - $100
0502 - $100
3511 - $100
6466 - $100
2904 - $100
7888 - $100
7587 - $100
3107 - $100
3836 - $68
2803 - $60
2776 - $50
9249 - $50
1212 - $50
1645 - $50
7894 - $50
8721 - $50
3364 - $50
7193 - $50
1530 - $50
4158 - $50
9219 - $30
0424 - $30
8130 - $30
0227 - $20

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