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Lee Seung Gi 2019 Fanmeeting In Singapore (Singapore FM)

 Hi Singapore Airen,

26 October 2019. It is the date which Seung Gi has his 4th Fanmeeting in Singapore. From Kallang Theatre to Resort World Sentosa to Big Box and to Singapore Expo, Seung Gi and Airen have been to almost every single corner of Singapore. Do you still remember what took place that day? Definitely! There were so many fond memories, from the reunion with Airen around the world to the gathering with Seung Gi, all of this would definitely bring a smile to you today when you recalled what took place. You probably have been waiting for what took place from our end? So let's begin!!!

Compared to all the past year FMs, 2019 was kind of special because there wasn't an airport greeting which took place for the past 3 FMs. Because of the back to back FMs that Seung Gi had and also flying to and fro different countries but still attending to all his regular work schedule in Seoul, we understand that rest is more important than greeting. It was definitely a tough decision to make, but we totally understand. 

Even though greeting is not possible at the airport, our gifts to him and Hook's staff were all prepared and ready to greet them before they arrived. Let's run through the list together! ^^

Gifts for Lee Seung Gi

1. Basket of Gratitude (Fresh Pastel Colour Flowers)

Thanks to our florist, Charlene for her creativity and thoughtfulness. The flower basket has two sides; one side is blue, the colour side is pink. We decided to go with gentle, pastel colours this time to give a relaxing and sweet mood. We hope Seung Gi feels happy and relaxed, admiring the flowers in his hotel room.

2. Jelly Cake

Seung Gi probably has tasted many different kinds of cakes in life. We decided to let him try something different. Crafted with a talented pair of hands, a cake made of jelly, decorated with beautiful flowers. We hope he likes it and bears to eat it. It is so pretty, isn't it?

3. TWG Tea (Singapore Breakfast Tea & Royal Orchid Tea)

Every time Seung Gi comes to Singapore or us heading to Seoul, this is one of the items that we will get for him. The finest teas of the world, good for sharing with family and friends. We decided to get him two signature teas representing Singapore; Singapore Breakfast Tea (It is evocative of the sophisticated harmony of Singapore. Boasting a natural blend of green tea, black tea, rich vanilla and rare spices, this tea yields a complex flavour with a sweet and lingering aftertaste.) and Royal Orchid Tea (semi-fermented Formosa oolong is delicately infused with the fragrance of a night-blooming orchid, suggestive of a warm summer evening. Intoxicating and generous.) We hope while he has some of this tea alone or with anyone, the tea would remind him of all the fond memories he had in Singapore

4. Singapore Snacks & Coffee

Singapore Airen is always looking out for interesting and trending snacks in town. And because Seung Gi and everyone who worked with him had so much Salted Egg Potato Chips, we decided to go for a change this time. We let him try what's new in town; Papapeng Hae Bee Hiam Chips and Aroma Black Summer Truffle Chips. We hope he enjoys the little snacks. You and I know how much he loves Coffee and to make sure he doesn't miss out on our local coffee; Kopi-O (Black Coffee), Kopi Gao Siew Dai (Strong Coffee with little sugar), Kopi-C (Coffee with Milk) is packed for him to drink anytime.

Seung Gi, who works hard 365 days of his life, is precious to us. Just like he always wants us to be healthy, we always wish the same for him.

5. VitaJuwel Gemwater Bottle 
We heard about the special effect of having gemstones can help in maintaining wellness. This combination of aventurine, aquamarine, and smoky quartz provides an invigorating cleanse of body and mind. The gemstone blend is designed to attract clarity and fluidity like a pure natural spring on a crisp, clear day. We hope while he drinks plenty of water, this little gemstones could give him the clarity he needs at work and give him the strength to take on every single challenge in life.

6. Osim uMist Dream Humidifier
A good night's sleep is important for the body. We hope with the latest ultrasonic technology, it would create an ideal humidity level in the air for him to have a hydrated, comfortable and healthier environment for sleeping.

7. Singlish Cushion & Socks (Lah, Lor, Meh, Sia)
Our (unofficial) national language is convenient, simple, and it encapsulates the idea of the cultural melting pot Singapore is - one where different races, religions and ethnicities come together to form their own identity. You probably have heard Seung Gi used Singlish. Thanks to our Singapore Airen's suggestion, we thought it would be nice to give him a set of Singlish Cushion and Socks. He probably has a good laugh at them but isn't this what we want? Seung Gi to be happy every single day. Who knows maybe one day he will wear it on one of his variety programmes or we get another house tour to see the cushions in one of the shows? =P

8. Surprise Congratulatory Box
Seung Gi celebrated his 15th debut anniversary in June 2019, and because is a significant milestone, we thought it would be nice to send him some congratulatory gifts. A surprise box with balloons and the big balloon wrote "15 Years with Love" were prepared. Sprinkieparties who we have engaged for the second time came up with this pretty box and balloons. Thank you, girls! We also gave him a Vagabond Voyage Lee Seung Gi Asia FM's Tshirt that most of us had through the Asia FM Merchandise Pre-order done by LSGKWA.

9. Singapore Airen's Collection
We were really grateful to GongCha Singapore for having us. With all the planning and coordination with GongCha, we were able to carry out our message card collection activity at GongCha store smoothly. We got Seung Gi an album which includes all the message cards that were collected, and we also printed photos of all our Singapore Airen participating in various activities for the past years. The cover is our handsome prince and his cute buddy, Perro. Does it remind you of the two? Are you able to spot any other details from the cover? ^^

Wrapping up the gifts that were delivered to greet him. We hope you are enjoying what you are reading. ^^

You know you've been supporting the most heart-warming star when he posted a proof shot as soon as he can via his Instagram. We can tell that he is fully recharged and ready to greet us in Singapore.

To show our gratitudes to Hook staff who have been running around with Seung Gi and taking care of him dearly. We got them Papapeng Hae Bee Hiam Chips and our local coffee; Kopi-O (Black Coffee), Kopi Gao Siew Dai (Strong Coffee with little sugar), Kopi-C (Coffee with Milk) for them to try. Not forgetting a notebook for note-taking.

At the FM Venue

1. Congratulatory Flower Stands from all over the World
Thank you to all the fanclubs and fan communities for the congratulatory flower stands, support and encouraging messages!! We are so happy to be able to welcome you again and able to spend a good evening together with Seung Gi. 

2. Photo Zone 
Besides all the pretty flower stands from all over the world, Singapore Airen & LSGKWA also prepared a beautiful photo zone for everyone to take some nice pictures together. Thank you for tagging us and sharing it with us! They were all so heartwarming and we are really happy that you like it.

3. Flower Basket with Fruits (featuring Perro)
We all know how excited Seung Gi is before the FM. To make sure all sort of vitamin booster is within reach, the flower basket comes with fresh fruits which he can eat it if he just wanted to find something healthy to munch. Flowers were put together to form a face of Perro have came to cheer for our star, we hope he likes it. 

4. Refreshment Support
To cheer for Seung Gi and thank Hook and IMC Global Live main project team for the hardwork, we have engaged Lavish catering to serve refreshments at the backstage, with coordination support from Singapore Expo's event team. Seung Gi's food was specially placed in a box and deliver to his resting area. In ensuring the good food quality is served and hygiene purpose, we didn't take any food images. Food that was served include:

Smoked Salmon Tartar, Salmon Roe, Citrus Mayonnaise
Braised Daikon with Dashi Topped with Wakame (Veg)
Roast Duck Wrapped with Crepe & Vegetables Sticks

Grilled Chicken Yakitori Brochette
Grilled Cajun Spice Prawn Skewer

Apple Crumble
Strawberry Short Cake

Coffee & Tea served with Porcelain Ware

More than 2,500 copies of hand banners were printed and placed on the audience chairs by LSGSG. We would like to thank Gong Cha Singapore for providing a high-resolution image for us to use for the event. The pretty ticket card as a thank you gesture from the event organiser, IMC Live Global. We believe everyone will keep it dearly. 

During the FM, Seung Gi shared some exclusive behind the scene pictures of 2018 Singapore FM at Big Box. You can tell from the pictures that he was having a good time and not forgetting a proof shot of the beautiful meal support setup from Singapore Airen. Thank you, Seung Gi for sharing your happy time here in Singapore~ (2018 Lee Seung Gi Singapore FM Support - Part 1 & Part 2)

Last but not least, thank you to all Singapore Airen for coming together to make this event a memorable one for Seung Gi. From message card activity to fund contributions to gifts suggestion to late night recee at site, preparing the gifts and on-site support (distribution of pre-order merchandises, fan distribution, LSGSG activities), thank you for contribution big way and small way. 

Lee Seung Gi Singapore Fanclub (LSGSG) has been around for 10 years now. From a small group of 3 cheering for #LeeSeungGi, it has grown to a big community where many friendships were formed. The most heartening of all would definitely be seeing how Seung Gi has grown as an entertainer over the years and how Singapore Airen has moved through different phases in their lives.

This is the 4th time Lee Seung Gi has returned to Singapore. With each change in event organiser, LSGSG strive to do even better than the previous one..There are definitely hiccups and regrets along the way but one after another, we have raised the bar higher each time.

Thanks to event organisers, medias, brands, and companies who recognised our hardwork and emphathised our situation and would go the extra miles to help us, whether is on Seung Gi's event or fan support activities. We certainly has transformed and changed the perception to all, how a fanclub is like and how it operates. We just wanna shout out to all who have been treating the fanclub as reliable party to work with.

Last but not least, a video not only dedicated to Seung Gi but also to all who have been around for LSGSG. Thank you for your love, understanding and trust. We know LSGSG will be here for a long time and even without it, we are confident that you will be keep a lookout for our brightest star, Lee Seung Gi and give him all the assurance, love and support he needs. Please continue to show lots of interest and love to Lee Seung Gi. 😘

P.S: We have added Seung Gi's reaction when he was watching the video. We hope you enjoy the video as much as he do.

Thank you so much, Singapore Airen :)

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