Sunday, January 13, 2019

Lee Seung Gi 2018 Fanmeeting In Singapore (Singapore FM)

Hi Singapore Airen,

We will be continuing our 2nd part of our summary today which is also Seung Gi's birthday! Warning~ super lengthy post but you will enjoy reading them and worth reading them. hehe

The return of Seung Gi got everyone excited. During Hwayugi drama support in Korea, Seung Gi conveyed his gratitude to Singapore Airen and he hope to be able to meet all of us soon. Indeed, it really happened right after his drama wrapped!

Thanks to Korean event organisers, flowers and food were nicely arranged in his room. Not forgetting the frame, they have it placed near his bed. When Seung Gi entered the room, the frame got his attention immediately. He was really touched and he really like it very much. He took some time to admire it. He conveyed his gratitude to Singapore Airen while admiring it over and over again. We were really glad that he likes it alot. The frame was also courier safely back to Korea. Special thanks to Singapore Airen helpers who have stayed up to work on the preparations.

Like to find out what gifts we have prepared for Seung Gi?

Firstly, 4 different kind of TWG Teas leave were placed in the 1987 Tea tins and together with tea accessories (Tea infuser and Tea scoop in gold), the items were nicely placed in a box. Not forgetting, 1837 Black which has a unique blend of black tea with notes of fruits and flowers from the Bermuda triangle which leaves a lingering aftertaste of ripe berries, anise, and caramel. We hope that Seung Gi likes the strawberry aroma from the tea leaves.

Singapore Airen are always the one attempting to challenge Seung Gi's palate. Haha! This time, we decided to let him try cookies from Old Seng Choong which comes with some unique flavours.

- Katong Cookies (Gula Melaka Cookies)
- Botanic Flora (Earl Grey Cookies)
- Orchard Picking (Coffee Cookies)
- Kampong Spirit (Cereal Prawns)

Beside tea and snacks, we prepared some gifts which include Singapore City Tumblers, Singapore Skyline Card Holder and Passport. We choose black so that is easy to go with anything. ^^ And of course, our chilli crab lover needs the recipe to cook his favourite chilli crab. We believe the plate will come handy. hehe. How can we forget this? Singapore Airen Tshirt! We got him a set of Singapore Airen Tshirt and 'Hungry Liao' Tshirt which he can wear them comfortably. 

Last but not least, gifts from Singapore and Korean Airen which allow him to bring it out for events and meetings. The size could fit his ipad pro nicely. We hope he like it. 

If you think that is all, there's more to come~ ^^"

Together with LSGKWA, we decorated the big empty foyer and provided snacks support. Shall we go to the snacks support first? We were really grateful that Red Spade Entertainment has accommodated to our request and let us prepared snacks for Seung Gi and everyone. With the help from Sprinkies Parties, we did a pretty theme and prepared a delicious spread of snacks for the support which include:

- Lobster Roll from The Clifford Pier (Fullerton Hotel)
- Tender slab Sweet Soy-braised Iberico Pork Belly with Steamed Bun from The Clifford Pier (Fullerton Hotel)
- Grilled Prawn Salad from The Clifford Pier (Fullerton Hotel)
- Nonya Kuehs, Assorted Sandwiches, Strawberry Tarts, Strawberry Shortcake Cups and Fruit Cups
- Fruit Infused Water, Americano, Soft Drinks and Tea
- Cookies from MINDs

Flower baskets from Singapore Airen, LSGKWA, China Airen and LSG Baidu Tieba were also placed in the dressing room to brighten up the place. Thank you Worldstaff from LSGKWA who brought customised flower signages from Korea~ ^^

Having a massive long yellow corridor was challenging for us as we didn't want to block airen way in getting their pictures taken. Hence, we did small area for photo-taking decorated with handmade paper flowers. We know you love it because we saw all the pretty pictures via the social medias ^^

Korea, China, Thailand, Turkey from LSGKWA and other fan communities; LSG Hongkong, TAIFC, LSG Malaysia Airen and China Baidu Tieba have also delivered a flower stand to cheer for Seung Gi. Calligraphy boards written by Singapore Airen were also placed with LSGKWA flower stand. We hope they like it. Thank you for all the help that you given to us ^^

We hope you like the 'Airen' on your seat which light up the room during Singapore FM. Our little packer decided to take a picture with it after he finished his work. Thank you Singapore Airen helpers for staying up to do this~~

Let us look back at this precious moments~

From the bottom of our hearts, we would like to thank Singapore Airen for helping out one way or another from video filming to preparation to making the loudest cheer when Seung Gi arrived in Singapore. We were really grateful that you did not shy away when we needed help with video recording and that you had so much fun under the humid, sunny and wet weather. These memories will stay with us for a long time. Thank you so much~ We wouldn't be able to do it without everyone effort. *Bow* Thank you gift is ready for collection and we will get in touch with you to collect it.

And last but not least, from Seung Gi to Singapore Airen~ ^^

To our Birthday Star who birthday falls today, thank you for everything and may your days be showered with happiness, good health, love, harmony, peace, energy and a bountiful of blessings to grace your way. Singapore Airen will always be cheering for you. Seung Gi, Fighting!! ^^

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  1. Singapore airens, Seung Gi left his heart with you I'm sure of that. You did a great and amazing job for his fanmeet there. I hope I can join you next time. Keep fighting.