Monday, January 7, 2019

[Airen Activities] Lee Seung Gi 32nd Birthday

Hi Singapore Airen,

Happy New Year! Have you seen the Vagabond Teaser? It seems like we have watched a blockbuster action movie with all the stunts that Seung Gi has taken on. The long anticipated support date for Vagabond has not yet been confirmed. Based on LSGKWA detailed analysis, it might be happening some time in February.

Together with LSGKWA, we will be preparing a birthday cake, some food which boosts his energy and some nice gifts.

As Seung Gi continue to film for Vagabond in super cold weather in Korea, let's continue to cheer for him and send him some love and warmth from Singapore Airen!

Lee Seung Gi Singapore does not have an account which maintains its own fund. We collect funds as and when funds are needed for support projects. We welcome any amount of contribution. No obligation. =)

☆ Please make a fund transfer via a bank to POSB Bank - Saving Account No. 060-84778-9
☆ For Line Group, you have the option to Paylah or Paynow us.

After you have made a transfer, it is important for you to fill up the Contribution Verification Form so that we can keep a record and verify your money immediately.

❤️ Closing date: 11 January 2019, 1159pm

Singapore Airen who supported in this event will be receiving a commemorative gift.

We look forward to your support~ Thank you, Singapore Airen ^^

P.S: We have decided a date to release Singapore FM final instalment of the support summary. It will be on the eve of Seung Gi's Birthday. You definitely won't want to miss this~~

List of Singapore Airen who supported the event:

0129 - $100
4791 - $50
0910 - $25
2003 - $100
0312 - $50
2192 - $20
2206 - $50
3364 - $50
8163 - $500
1174 - $1,000
0111 - $100
1808 - $50
2803 - $10
4375 - $30


  1. What's the account name for POSB Bank - Saving Account No. 060-84778-9 so that I can make the bank transfer?

  2. Hi, please email us at Thanks!