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Tonight with Lee Seung Gi in Singapore (Kallang Theatre)

Tonight with Lee Seung Gi in Singapore (25th August 2012)

Today is D-day! Seung Gi's day!

Seung Gi have a heavy crab feast the night before. Thus, LSGSG decided to go light on Singapore Food and  at the same time serve Korean Food for his lunch. He would probably feel good and filled with energy eating something he always have been eating.

Lunch Menu for Seung Gi
Main: Bibigo Rice with Tofu with small portion of Red Chicken & Char-bulgogi and Japchae + a box of squid & pork

Snacks: Local Delights include Popiah, Kueh Pie Ti, Curry Puff and Putu Mayam. (We are thinking he probably be sharing this together with his managers, thus a reasonable portion was served. We have omitted coconut in our food choice as most Korean do not fancy food that have coconut in it.)
Local Delights in Bento box wrapped with Pearlmint's cloth

Dessert: Macaroon (4 in a box) and Lychee Martini Push-pop Cake (We had served with and without alcohol for the cake.)

Drinks: Korean Tea and Mineral Water

Lunch was prepared and ready in the VIP room before Seung Gi arrive at Kallang Theatre.
During the Autograph Session, one of the LSGSG's airens asked Seung Gi.
LSGSG: "Hi, Seung Gi~ Thank you for coming to Singapore!"
Seung Gi looked into her eyes and smile.
LSGSG: "We have prepared lunch for you. Did you enjoy your lunch?"
Seung Gi: "Really? Oh! is you!" *smile widely* "It is nice! Thank you!"
Seung Gi stretch out his left hand and shook her hand, looked into her eyes again. ^^

Flower Stands
SeungSunLove (Korea), SeungSunLove (Japan), China Cafe, usAiren's flower stands are placed in the VIP Room for dinner. Lee Seung Gi Singapore's Flower Stand and a Vase of Flowers are placed in Seung Gi's dressing room. (Arrangement was decided by Faith & D and Kallang Theater's management). From design to selection of flower's type and colours, LSGSG had worked closely with the florist. LSGSG also have helped 8 different other fanclubs to order flower stand and had hand-made some of the message board for them. We would like to take this opportunity to thank one of SeungSunLove (Korea)'s airen for the beautiful message boards. She did the Lee Seung Gi Singapore, SeungSunLove (Korea), SeungSunLove (Japan), China Cafe and usAiren's message boards on her own. She is very talented! The boards is very good!

While we were shifting flower stands at the carpark area, Seung Gi's van turned in. The van stopped at the gantry and he started waving to us. hahaha! Our hands are filled with things. We quickly put down all our stuffs and waved happily back at him. He is pleased and happy to see Singapore Airens at work. hahaha! Thinking back, we were kinda lucky and happy because at least we are working and not seating down and resting! hahaha~ =x

4 Pull-up stands representing Lee Seung Gi Singapore, SeungSunLove (Korea), SeungSunLove (Japan) and China Cafe were placed at Kallang Theater's Foyer. Did you take many pictures with it? We would like to thank Jolene, Nicole and Cat for working on the banners (Airport Banner, Pull-up Stand Banners, Kallang Theatre's hall Banner.)

LSGSG kick-start with all the planning 1 month before the event. We have helped to give continuous Airen's feedback to Faith & D Entertainment on different areas. Although it is a singapore event, after the Launch Event and also the overseas ticket-selling, we really want to thank not just Singapore Airens but also Overseas Airen especially Southeast Asia's airens for their support and love for Seung Gi. We have submitted a proposal to Faith & D to discuss on an Overseas Airen Gift Presentation's Segment. We are grateful that Faith & D have took the proposed segment into consideration and had included it in part of the programme. A total of 5 countries (which include Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia and Thailand) presented their gifts on stage to Seung Gi. Were you there to cheer for your countries' fanclub? We hope you enjoy this segment and thank you so much for coming to Singapore!

Gifts and Cakes were presented on stage by LSGSG.
(1) Lee Seung Gi's Singapore Style Figurine

(2) "A New Day" painting by famous Brazilian artist, Romero Britto.
Why him? If you have been to Sentosa or Resort World Sentosa, you likely to see many beautiful paintings done by him.

‘A New Day’ featuring the sunrise, a newborn day, together with one of my signature elements, the heart, to illustrate this. To express joy in life and give strength to move on during difficult times.

(3) A 3-tier cupcakes and cake were presented on stage.
Singapore Style's Seung Gi doing a heart sign sitting at a beautiful garden. Isn't it lovely?
A musical garden theme to symbolise the fans' best wishes for him to have a cheerful and blossoming entertainment business, that life is like a beautiful musical garden for him.

We would like to thank all Airens for coming together to film the Singapore Airens' video. Your thoughts when the video was being played? Did you observe Seung Gi's expression? Seung Gi laughed out loud at certain parts of the video. Which part do you think he laughed really hard? hahahaha! We would like to thank so many people especially Brenda for working on this clip!

Presenting to you the Singapore Airens' video!

Seung Gi and the rest of the crews went for a after-show party. The cupcake and cake were packed in beautiful boxes and brought to the party for them to eat. After the party, Seung Gi headed back to his hotel and have a good night rest!~

Up next...Gifts for Seung Gi and Hook Entertainment's crews!

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