Saturday, September 1, 2012

Tonight with Lee Seung Gi in Singapore (Press Conference at Marina Square Shopping Centre)

LSGSG went early to Marina Square to do a site visit and had brunch before heading to the airport. The stage was set up and our imagination runs wild! We are so excited to see him in a singapore shopping mall!

After the greeting at the airport, we hurried back to Marina Square to get ready for the press conference! We saw many singapore airens have already gotten a good standing to greet Seung Gi and take pictures of him. The place was well-managed and we started seeing more airens arriving at the mall.^^

Together with SeungSunLove (Korea), SeungSunLove (Japan) and China Cafe, Lee Seung Gi Singapore present gifts for medias who attend the press conference. The paper bag includes The Best's album, Notebook, Pen and Fan. We are really thankful to SeungSunLove for all the help, encouragement and support they have given us throughout this period.

The arrival of Lee Seung Gi at the Press Conference at Marina Square! Seung Gi is really excited and nervous to meet everyone. We would really want to say a big thank you to DJ Ken for lightening the atmosphere, making Seung Gi feels less tensed during the session. Seung Gi and airens have a good time!
And here comes the pictures!!

Being able to see Seung Gi in Singapore is like the wildest dream Singapore Airens ever dare to dream! We never knew this day will come, we never knew we can cheer for him at our home ground. We would like to thank Faith & D and Marina Square Shopping Centre's event team for their excellent work on crowd control and their consideration to have an open press conference for public to get to know him and all fans to have an enjoyable evening with him.

After the press conference, Seung Gi have a great feast. Lots of crabs and fried mantou (pao) which goes well with the chilli crab's gravy! He ate to his heart content! He went back to his hotel after his meal and have an early night to prepare for a good show tomorrow! Up next, Tonight with Lee Seung Gi in Singapore at Kallang Theatre!!

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