Saturday, August 25, 2012

Tonight with Lee Seung Gi in Singapore (Arrival at Changi Airport)

Flight No. SQ607, Time: 2.30pm, Changi Airport Terminal 2

LSGSG arrived at the airport at 530am to receive overseas airens from all over the world. Thank you for coming to singapore to support the event. The day before, we were too excited and busy doing our final checks that we hardly have any sleep.

Singapore Airens started to gather at Terminal 2 around 11pm. Overseas fans told us that they were surprised by the crowd and that so many people in Singapore like and support him.

As planned, we have prepared the message book (which includes Launch Event's Messages, Why Singapore Airens love Seung Gi (from Singapore Airen's form) and Milestones of LSGSG, about 107 pages and a bouquet of orchids. Presenting to you, "Tonight with Lee Seung Gi in Singapore's book"

Everyone was excited and was all ready to receive him!

When he is at the belt area, he told the staff he wants to go to the washroom. He walked past us and head towards the washroom. After several minutes, he started walking towards us! Everyone started cheering~
Here he come!!!

His Manager and him started walking quickly towards the vehicle. He did not stop at any point throughout his walk. Although he took a long plane ride, he still bow and smile when he stepped out of the arrival hall. He smiled and waved as he walked. Being able to see him upclose in person, he is tall and his smile is really charming and his face is flawless! Before he board his car, he shook hands with the security guards and he said thank you to them.

Boarding the car...

We managed to give him the Message book (which includes the ALL the Launch Event's messages, Why Singapore Airen likes Seung Gi (from Singapore Airen's form and Milestones of LSGSG) and a bouquet of Orchids when he is in his car. We greeted him and he said "Thank you!" *filled with energy*

In the vehicle, staff pointed at the box and told Seung Gi that "This is from Singapore Fanclub."
Seung Gi nod his head and lifted up the box's cover. His eyes were wide open. He was surprised by the cover. People in the car followed by a "WOW". Seung Gi took the book out and started reading it.
While he was preparing for his press conference and is in his room, he was also reading the book.

If you think that is the end of the message book's updates, no~no~no~
There was one occasion where Seung Gi was holding the book together with other things. He dropped everything and managed to save the book from dropping on to the floor. He hugged the book close to him. He cherished the book very much and had brought it back to Korea together with him. He is really sweet.
We have been informed on the fan-meeting day. We were all crying when we know this. It mean so much all Singapore Airens and to us who have been working all day at the event. We were tired, hot and hungry. This served like a energy vitamin pill to us. We were really happy and grateful. Thank you, Faith & D. Thank you, book's designers, Jolene, Brenda and Nicole who spent many nights working on this together!

Seung Gi waved goodbye~

LSGSG moving off to next location! Marina Square!

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