Friday, September 7, 2012

Tonight with Lee Seung Gi in Singapore (Lee Seung Gi and Crew's Gifts)

We would like thank all Airens for their contribution so that we are able to create many many beautiful memories for Seung Gi when he is in Singapore! We are touched by the love of Singapore Airens. Singapore Airens are pretty shy and well-behave in general. hahaha! BUT~~~ The video-making is probably the most brave thing we all ever did. *a pat on our shoulder* We hope you have a great time because we enjoyed as much. lols! We received many replies from Singapore Airens as soon as the video-making post is up. Everyone is so excited and we are really grateful. Although LSGSG have been busy preparing alot of things behind the scene but we have provided as many days and timeslot as possible to gather everyone. We want to show Seung Gi how much love Singapore Airens have for him and we are really happy that he enjoyed the video. We are grateful that you have stepped forward to do this together with us and not forgetting many singapore airens who have also contribute funds and believing in us in doing the proposed projects.

This part is from me(nicoleko66).
I feel really bad that the people who have helped LSGSG during the fan-meet didnt get a chance to say goodbye to him at the carpark after the fan-meeting because we were busy cleaning up and packing stuffs at the foyer but at least we have a nice airen group photo together, to commemorate this special day. That photo means alot to me and thank you will never be enough for all that you have done for Airens and for Seung Gi. All your passion and love for Seung Gi and Airens has always given me motivation to continue to give and share wherever possible. and if I never mention anyone here, I cant bring myself to post the gift pictures! hahahaha!

Shah, Cat, Queenie, Brenda, Rose, Rachel, Jolene. Thank you~ Thank you~
I would also like to thank Xin, Livia and Aimee for helping us to buy merchandises. (without your help, we probably cant get the merchandise at all because we do not have time to queue.)

Gifts for Seung Gi

Message Book

The Singapore Book (apart from Singapore Airens' video and Message Book that contained all Singapore Airens' messages from the Launch Event, we did this small book which include Singapore places, culture, food and singlish guide!)

The Singapore Airens Tshirts and Real-press orchids from La Belle.

Electronic Dictionary Bookmark
Denim Airen Singapore Stationery Case
Singapore Notebook

Singapore Airens who filmed the video-recording have selected this gifts for Seung Gi at different places of Interests.
Heart-shaped Bak Kwa
Malay Cookies from Geylang Serai (We did some food tasting and is delicious!)
Singapore Tea Leaves Can (Oolong Tea, Jasmine Tea, Pu-er and Green Tea)
Chopsticks (with flower print in Singapore Box)

For Seung Gi's parent
Mum - Orchid Necklace + Cosmetics Pouchs
Dad - Tie Pin (orchid design)

For Rep Kwon
Flower Vase
Merlion with Real Orchid Paper Weigh
Heart-shaped Bak Kwa
Singapore Landscape Painting in Folder
Embroidery Card (Thank you's message)
Gift Bag

For Seung Gi's Managers
Singapore Landscape Painting in Folder 
Gift Bag

Gift Bags for Everyone
Singapore Lion City Coasters
Singapore Magnet
Sandalwood fan
Tiger Balm (with written korean on small heart shape note on how to use)
Yakun Kaya
Small Packs of Bak Kwa
I LOVE SG Mentos Sweet
Lee Seung Gi Singapore Lanyard
Lee Seung Gi Notebook and Pen
Lee Seung Gi's fan

All gifts were placed in their hotel's room by the hotel's staff.

We are very grateful for all the support that Faith & D Entertainment, Hook Entertainment, Kallang Theatre and Marina Square Shopping Centre have given to us. They have been very supportive and showing alot of love for Seung Gi's airens. This marks the end of the fan-meeting reports! We hope you have a good time reading it and we hope we didnt disappoint you in any way. We will continue to do our best and Seung Gi ya, See you soon!!! ^^

Notice (1)
We would like to thank Singapore Airen who have contributed funds to LSGSG and also involved in the video-making. We will be giving out souvenirs to show our appreciation. Collection details will be sent via email soon.

Notice (2)
Many Singapore Airens have sent in enquiries about Seoul Concert's arrangement made by LSGSG. As the information are limited at the moment, we are not able to give complete assistance on this area. However, we would wish to get ready. Thus, we will be posting out a notice soon to gather all the details from Singapore Airens who have booked air tickets and accommodations to Seoul or plan to book it soon and get ready a contact list. This list will help us to provide better assistance and support in terms of ticketing and also fan projects. (Please also note that the official fanclub member enrolment for 2012 at is closed. 2013 enrolment will open end of this year. At the mean time, you can register as an ordinary member at If you need further assistance, please email us at

Notice (3)
You probably heard news about the fan-meeting in Malaysia. After making a stop in Singapore, Seung Gi would probably make a u-turn back to somewhere near us, a stop at our neighbouring country, Malaysia. We have been informed about the recent ticketing scandal and were caught by surprise that some singapore airens were affected. We regret that we are not able to provide support or assistance to the affected Singapore Airens as we were being informed only after the fan-meeting day. Everyone have expressed great concern about the upcoming events and we will be very careful and will do our best to help Singapore Airens for the event. We have created a post on facebook to do a survey on the number of Singapore Airens who are planning to attend the Malaysia's Fan-Meeting if is confirmed. Please leave down your name and email address to show your interest. We will then update the relevant news regards to this fan-meeting via email. Alternatively, you may wish to email us your interest at

P.S: The haze in Singapore is really bad this few days. Please try to stay indoor and have a great weekend! Cheers! :)


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