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Lee Seung Gi The Brilliant Show in Singapore (Meal and Festive Grand)

7 September has finally arrived! Many Airen in Singapore have been waiting for this day to come so badly! It is an important day for Lee Seung Gi's fans in Singapore as we gathered once again to meet and cheer for Seung Gi at our very own country, Festive Grand at Resort World Sentosa!

Many preparation work, planning and teamwork were involved for the meal. From communication to arrangement to delegation of duties and work. It was indeed a challenging and tedious process.

Last year, Korean food was delivered to the fan-meeting venue, Kallang Theatre.
This year, beside preparing a delicious and good meal, we wanted to do something special to thank Seung Gi and Hook for returning to Singapore.

We have worked with Local Celebrity Chef, Sam Leong and team to prepare sets of delicious meal for everyone. Sam owns a restaurant in Resort World Sentosa and the name of the restaurant is Forest! Yes! which is also the name of Seung Gi's latest album!

Both Asian and Korean food were carefully prepared and served. Why Korean food? Because not all Korean is able to take Asian food. Although we know Seung Gi enjoys eating almost everything and he would eat what fans prepared for him but we would like to make sure Hook is well taken care too as it is going to be a long day for everyone.

 photo thumb.jpg

Food were delivered to Seung Gi's Hotel.

Seung Gi and Hook staff had chilli and pepper crab the night before. We know Seung Gi is a meat-lover and since seafood were served last night, we have decided to focus on meat. Thus 4 kinds of meat were being served for lunch; Chicken, Duck, Pork and Beef. ^^

Menu for Seung Gi and Hook Entertainment's Directors and Managers
Chef Sam Leong's signature Dish - Milky Chicken Broth with Morel Mushrooms and Wild Bamboo Piths
Braised Ee-fu noodles with Sri Lankan Crabmeat
Char-grilled Boneless Chicken Leg
Crispy Duck Confit with Yam
Seasonal Vegetable in Oyster Sauce
Boiled Pork slices with Kimchi
Seasoned rice wrapped in Cabbage and Kale leaves with Red Chicken and green salad
Fruit Platter
Mango Pudding with bottle of carnation milk
Peach Juice and Mineral Water

Menu for Hook Entertainment staff and all the working crews including Faith&D staff
Deep-fried Mushrooms coated in Wasabi mayo with Avocado and Tomato
Baked chicken chop with salt and ginger
Kailan in oyster sauce
Wok-fried pearl rice with seafood in homemade xo chilli sauce
Seasoned rice wrapped in Cabbage and Kale leaves with Red Chicken and green salad (Hook staff)
Fruit Platter
Mango Pudding with bottle of carnation milk
Peach Juice and Mineral Water

Pearlmint Utensils Bags
Utensils such as Pearlmint Spoon and Fork, Chopsticks, dessert spoon, toothpick and wet tissue were nicely packed in small bags.

Seung Gi had late lunch. He took a nap before having his lunch. The hotel staff have helped to place the food in his and Hook staff's rooms. Hook staff informed us that when he entered Seung Gi's room, Seung Gi had already finished the meal that we have prepared for him and Seung Gi said it was good and he would like to thank Singapore Airen for preparing it for him. =)

Food arriving at Festive Grand.
 photo thumb.jpg
There were a lot of cutting involved for stickers labels. After being coached and trained by Lee Seung Gi Korea and Japan's staff during Gu Family Book's gift event, we know how terrible we been lacking and we know how experienced and good they really are. Probably now, we have become cutting label expert? hahaha! But for the time being, no more cutting, please~ =x

Although the most torturing part was the cutting, the most challenging part was delivery and transportation. Last minute changes were made few days before Seung Gi's arrival and that meals have to be delivered to 2 locations; Hotel and Festive Grand instead of 1.

To be able to make it in time, LSGSG's staff, Forest's team and Bibigo's team arrived early at the restaurant and started preparing the meal. We are really very grateful to the restaurants. They also came together to help us pack the food and place the sticker labels on the containers. There were a lot of teamwork involved and the atmosphere is positive and encouraging. Not forgetting Driver Lee and Driver James which we have engaged who always come 30mins before each appointment and offer their help when we encountered difficulties. We are really thankful for all the help and assistance. Sorry for all the trouble.

Arriving at Festive Grand~

The heart-warming and strong support from Worldren~
Flower wreaths were arranged and nicely placed at the venue.

Thank you so much for showing your support to Seung Gi for the event held in Singapore. Not forgetting, Baidu Tieba, TAIFC, ChinaAiren FC, Hongkong FC, DClsg, Emo Café, Daum Café, Lee Seung Gi Official Fanclub and Seungsunlove Café, thank you for the flower stands to congratulate Seung Gi for his Asia Tour in Singapore and gifts to Singapore Airen at the venue.

 photo full1.jpg
 photo full2.jpg
The Worldren's basket of flowers was placed in Seung Gi's dressing room~!
Worldren's logo were printed on each petals and, not forgetting the words in gold "Love You" as well~ 
The Worldren's pull up banners which have helped to warm up the atmosphere further. Tourists were also taking pictures with it and airen also help to explain to them about the event and what our Multi-entertainer, Seung Gi does.
Many memories were captured in front of the Worldren's pull up banners. We hope you like them ^^
Commemorating Asia Tour, Worldren and LSGSG's souvenirs were also distributed on-site~

Collection of Heritory's hoodies, magazines, friendship gifts and etc. were also carried out.

Instead of comparing which country does it better and all, we have worked with a common goal in mind; better than last year, do not repeat mistakes and improve processes, to create a fun, happy and memorable event for Seung Gi and all Airen. We try to do what we can. Seung Gi and Hook were especially nervous and worried too, since is the 2nd trip to Singapore. With many thoughts in mind, but we guess these were questions we been asking ourselves many times "Are we able to do better than last year? Can we meet expectations? Is there any areas we should focus more and improve?" 

Behind the scene, there are a group of dedicated and committed staff who have been working on all this for Airen in Singapore and also Worldren. They have been supporting, without claiming any personal credits or rewards, overcoming obstacles and challenges faced, in making sure everything carried out smoothly. If you asked them how they feel now, they probably would replied you "Great~" with a tired look. That is the passion and love they have with them and they would like to share this kind of spirit and love to everyone. Many people thought we are working on this full time but in fact, everyone of us holds a full time job and/or schooling at the same time. There are good times and also bad times but your love for Seung Gi and words of encouragement and comfort have keep us going.

Thank you Jolene for the video, message book, pictures and artwork! Thank you for the many nights of "fainting" (automatic doze off) in front  of your computer. Thank you for the meal assistance~ Thank you is never enough and sorry for all the trouble~

Thank you Brenda for taking time in the video-recording, pictures and also the message book. Thank you for the meal assistance and being a master and a mentor for cutting perfect circle sticker labels with no broken edges.

Thank you Shah for managing the flower wreaths and also pre-orders and collection. Sorry for all the trouble and always injecting fun and positive energy to LSGSG~

Thank you Rose for all the beautiful handicraft works~ Thank you for meal assistance too!

Thank you Cat and Queenie in handling the logistics and transportation of gifts. Always detailed and careful when comes to orders and planning, Thank you for everything~

Thank you JJ and Sashimidou on all the logistics for video filming and also helping Singapore Airen on orders and Worldren's souvenirs~ Sorry for all the trouble and thank you so much for everything.

Last but not least, thank you so much Lee Seung Gi Korea's Airen who have been helping all the countries so much. Shipping of merchandises, carrying all the heavy cartons, delivery of merchandises and souvenirs, collating orders, working on the media gifts and helping us in the middle of a rainy cold night and also a hot day in Singapore. Thank you so much so much~ Thank you Mandu for the beautiful message boards for the flower wreaths and also Blue who always give us a lot of encouragement and comfort and also also~ 귀뚜라미 who always plan and manage everything so well and always keeping international fans at heart and doing so much for everyone outside of Korea. She is one amazing airen that LSGSG would like to salute to. Sorry for all the trouble and thank you.

Although we may have come to the end of summaries, but there are more activities coming up and also more exclusive things coming up on Lee Seung Gi Korea with World Airen. The words he said, the songs he sang and the cute moments of Love Taught me to drink during Singapore FM. Do not miss~~~

Cheer for good work!! Thank you Singapore Airen for all the funds contributed and work you have done, preparing his arrival, from ticket launch to speed messages to video filming to airport chant and also fan-meeting projects. Thank you for giving Seung Gi a warm and memorable welcome. Despite he had a mild cold, your passion and love moved him a lot. He had a lot of fun too and a lot of food! haha~ He got well before leaving Singapore (do not worry). ^^

Everyone is getting really excited with Korea's concert! The ticketing information is not out yet. As soon as it out, Lee Seung Gi Singapore's support will be running in full gear in assisting you all the way~! but before that, we will be shifting our focus to Seung Gi's next stop! An important stop, Japan Concert! Together with Lee Seung Gi Japan and Lee Seung Gi Korea with World Airen, Lee Seung Gi Singapore continues our journey in showing love and support to Seung Gi in Japan~

Seung Gi~~~ We love you~~~

Love, Singapore Airens

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