Friday, September 20, 2013

Pre-Order: Lee Seung Gi x Heritory Collaboration Stripes Series

Hi Airen,

Thank you for your orders and support for Heritory's hoodies earlier! We are pleased to inform that everyone has collected their Hoodies!~ You may have noticed that Seung Gi has been wearing stripes clothing lately. This clothings are found in the Lee Seung Gi x Heritory Collaboration line. Like to own another piece of clothing which Seung Gi has designed? Here it is! ^^

 photo 57cqh.jpg

With the help of Lee Seung Gi Korea with World Airen, we will be opening a pre-order just for you. Lee Seung Gi Singapore would like to show our support to the special collection and help Singapore Airens.

For Airen residing in Singapore and would wish to purchase Lee Seung Gi 2013 Collaboration Stripes Series. Below are the information.

Product Information

 photo 5.png

 photo 7bmb.jpg photo 3.png

* Design 1 - White Stripes
* Price: SGD55 (include shipping)
* Size: 95.100.105

 photo bd0h.jpg photo 2.png

* Design 2 - Dark Stripes
* Price: SGD55 (include shipping)
* Size: 95.100.105

 photo 4.png
 photo 20130809_1376006281_24589000_1.jpg

* Design 3 - Denim Stripes
* Price: SGD130 (include shipping)
* Size: 95.100.105

 photo cidm.jpg photo 1.png

* Design 4 - Stripes Cardigan
* Price: SGD230 (include shipping)
* Size: 95.100.105

Size Chart:

Size 95 (Chest - 95cm, Waist - 80cm)
Size 100 (Chest - 100cm, Waist - 85cm)
Size 105 (Chest - 105cm, Waist - 90cm)

If you would like to place an order, please make a fund transfer to POSB Bank - Saving Account No. 060-84778-9

Note: No cancellation or change of order after payment has been transferred.
If it run out of stock, we will refund the sum to you.

In addition, the first 10 orders will receive a mystery prize! ^^

After you have make the payment, please fill up the Payment Confirmation Form:

Collection/Delivery Method:
Self-Collection - We will update via email once it arrive in Singapore.

We will close this pre-order on 24th September 2013, 1159pm

Thank you.


Status: All payment verified. Orders has been submitted.

Note: Denim Stripes (95) Out of stock!

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