Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Lee Seung Gi The Brilliant Show in Singapore (Gifts for Seung Gi and Hook)

As promised~ The Press Conference video! Please enjoy! (There were parts which we were being blocked thus, it is not complete.)

Presenting to you the gifts that was prepared and presented to Seung Gi ^^

 photo 1.jpg

(1) OSIM uGalaxy Eye Massager
OSIM is a reputable brand in Singapore. As Seung Gi is always facing flashlights, spotlights and books, we hope the eye massager will help him to relax the eye. Below is the functions of the eye massager.

Ergonomically designed bringing comfort and effective relief with the adjustable strap and bendable eye frame.

Scientifically-proven mood light to regulate our bodies' inner rhythms. It helps to gently stimulate brain activity to help you achieve the most desired state of relaxation, balance and rejuvenation.

Acupressure massage with enhanced temple coverage for effective relief
The uGalaxy's strategically positioned airbags target vital acupressure points around your eyes and temple to help relieve headaches, insomnia, eyebags, dark rings and fatigue caused by a stressful lifestyle.

Vibration massage and soothing warmth
The uGalaxy comes with vibration massage and soothing warmth to further enhance circulation and provide soothing relief from strains and tension around tired eyes.

Relaxation music via built-in audio speakers
Music helps to relax, reduce stress, sleep better and uplift your mood. With the 3 unique music pieces delivered via the built-in audio speakers (without the hassle of external earphones and wires), the uGalaxy brings both physical and mental relaxation at the same time.

It is portable and can be use any where.

(2) OSIM uSnooz Massage Wrap
A gentle massage is a great way to de-stress and improve sleep quality on your travels.

With plush microfabric and a snug memory foam fit, the uSnooz Massage Wrap can be wrap around his neck, shoulders, lower back, waist or legs to experience the soothing comfort of a relaxing massage. Its built-in massager has 6 unique vibration programmes that effectively loosen tensed, knotted muscles to ease body aches and stiffness. The gentle vibrations lull him into a sense of calm and relaxation, while the plush material work its magic in providing a therapeutic touch that relaxes the mind.

(3) Abstract Fish - Tie, Cufflinks, Pocket Square in a Gift Box
This is a painting from a local artist and was displayed at The Singapore National Museum.

(4) Singapore Playground's pins Limited Edition Set
A set of our very own playground models' pins were presented to him. It is a lovely set and is places we have been, having a good and fun time. We hope it a lucky ornament bringing him plenty of fun and happy times.

(5) The Brilliant Show in Singapore's tshirt and Return of Lee Seung Gi's pull reel
A set was prepared and presented to commemorate this special event.

(6) 'Kang Chi, the Beginning' badges
Thanks to DClsg Airen for the hi-res pictures that we are able to prepare gifts for Haven Children. A set of badges were prepared and presented to Seung Gi. Not forgetting the talented airen name on the badges. Thank you once again. ^^

(7) Mini Portable Airen Fan
It can be used in Singapore and also in Summer. Hope it keeps Seung Gi cool~ ^^

 photo 2.jpg

(8) Singlish Notebook
A notebook for Seung Gi to write notes with a compilation of singlish words with its meaning and example printed on every bottom of each page.

(9)Painting of Tropical fruits and Traditional Asian pastries magnet

(10)Painting Postcards

(11) Singlish Perpetual Calendar
What toking you? It is so singlish~ haha! It is a fun calendar. We hope he have fun flipping and reading through it.

(12) Nyonya Kuehs Sticky Notes
It looks like food! When Seung Gi see food, his eyes sparkle! hahaha~ He probably be abit disappointed because we trick him~ =x *naughty airen!

 photo 3.jpg

(13) Chilli Crab Recipe's Apron
During Seung Gi last visit to Singapore, he said he enjoyed chilli crab a lot. We know he is into cooking for quite awhile. We wanted to present him the chilli crab recipe and we spotted this! He is now on his way in becoming head chef of Lee Seung Gi's chilli crab restaurant in Singapore~ hahahaa~ The apron has the recipe on it and when he look down on his apron, the words are facing him like a big piece of recipe manual. We hope he can try this at home and share this delicious dish with his family. If only there is a video about him battling with crab, that would be cute! ahh~ We miss him on variety, haven't we? ^^

(14) Chilli Crab's pin
A spokesman should have a pin for certification! hehe

(15) Laline's sunny cheeky Getaway Set
Four products in one great basket. A sweet, mild sensuality of Oriental Musk, a fruity fragrance with a luscious powdery feel. Apricot Body Peel (2oz), Super Soap (2oz), Dream Cream Body Cream (2oz), and Easy Breezy Body Mist (2oz). It comes with a fabric bag. Look, feel and smell amazing on the go!

(16) TWG Tea Leaves
TWG is a brand in Singapore. Since the days of Sir Stamford Raffles~ The finest tea leaves from the World.
TWG Tea uses 100% cotton material and thread. Unlike paper teabags, which “drink” the aroma of the tea before you do, cotton teabags act like a natural sieve, transferring the flavours directly to the teacup.
The entire TWG teabag is biodegradable; they do not use any glues or staples. The teabags are hand sewn in order not to crush their fine, whole leaf teas and are ample enough to give the tea leaves ample room to expand, ensuring a full and aromatic infusion.

(17) Crabtree & Evelyn Green Tea scented with Jasmine
Need something light and warm to clear the mind?
Finest green tea leaves cleverly scented with fragrant jasmine. The tea is layered with jasmine flowers that are removed when the flavour has been absorbed.

(18) Bottle of Love
Every single piece of coloured chocolate M&M were picked and checked. The bottle of love and appreciation~ ^^

 photo world.jpg

Souvenirs prepared by Lee Seung Gi Korea with World Airen to commemorate the Asia Tour (Singapore) were also presented to Seung Gi and Hook team.

 photo 4.jpg

Gift for Rep Kwon
A planner and pen were carefully placed in a nice floral gift box.
Although she was not able to make a trip to Singapore due to busy work schedule, we would like to thank her for all the arrangement and hard work for Asia Tour. We hope Laline's sunny cheeky Getaway Set will comes in handy when going on vacation with Hook's team or with her family. TWG's finest tea leaves around the world and Bottle of Love were also prepared. Portable Mini Airen's fan keeping her cool in hot summer and weather. LSGSG and LSGKWA's souvenirs were added to the set.

Gift for Managers and Directors
Singapore Notebook to pen down thoughts and notes, Laline's sunny cheeky Getaway Set, TWG and Crabtree & Evelyn's tea leaves, Portable Mini Airen's fan and Bottle of Love and appreciation~ LSGSG and LSGKWA's souvenirs were also added to each set.

Gift for Hook Staff
Crabtree & Evelyn's tea leaves, Portable Mini Airen's fan and Bottle of Love and appreciation~ LSGKWA's souvenirs was also added to each set. LSGSG and LSGKWA's souvenirs were also added to each set.

Many thanks to Singapore Airen for their contribution that gifts were prepared for Seung Gi and Hook. =)

Up next~ We will be posting about the activities and event which took place on 7 Sep 2013! An important day for Singapore Airen! How did Seung Gi spend his day and what did he had before meeting Singapore Airen at Festive Grand Theatre? ^^

Not forgetting pictures of the fan-meeting! Can't wait~ Can't wait, right? hehe!


  1. OH MY GOD. So much LOVE!

    So much thought into the gifts.... but I wonder if you gals actually made the Singlish dictionary, and calendar???

    ALL the gifts were soooo good! Very awesome work put into it. Very proud to have donated to this collection.

    Gomapsupnida 고맙습니다 !!!

  2. All the gifts are so beautiful but i think he will like the Chilli Crab Recipe's Apron the most ! ^^