Sunday, September 15, 2013

Lee Seung Gi The Brilliant Show in Singapore (Press Conference)

A Press Conference for Seung Gi was held at a Shopping Mall where many teenagers goes often.

Local medias continue to show love and support even after he left singapore, we are very happy to see his news on local newspapers and websites often. Before the press conference began, medias were anticipated and all ready, they can't wait to find out more about our love. ^^

Together with Lee Seung Gi Korea, Lee Seung Gi Japan, USAiren, Lee Seung Gi Argentina and Lee Seung Gi Turkey, medias gifts were prepared. The help and support from Korea airen, Japan airen and USAiren, from designing to production and to delivery, a lot of teamwork were involved. Despite different time zones, cultures and languages, we have worked together with a common goal; to spread the love and reach out to medias to let them know Seung Gi is a gem, his music, his work and contribution to the entertainment industry is worth attention.

The most precious gifts in the media gift bags would definitely be Seung Gi's albums, which is also our all-time favourite too! Tonight album and Forest album (5.5th mini album)! Those songs which bring us through good and bad times in life. We would love to share. ^^

Leather handphone case were also distributed which can hold both iphone and Samsung phone. We hope is an useful item for the press. =)

 photo bagsg-1.jpg
 photo bag.jpg
 photo DSC09842.jpg

The arrival of our beloved star, Lee Seung Gi bringing loud cheer and screams! ^^

 photo _MG_9951.jpg

 photo _MG_9950.jpg

 photo _MG_9953.jpg

 photo DSC00052.jpg

 photo DSC00032.jpg

 photo DSC00012.jpg

 photo DSC00014.jpg

Cute expressions of Seung Gi~ Not forgetting his bright dimple smile! ^^

 photo 1_MG_0872.jpg

 photo 1_MG_0866.jpg

 photo 1_MG_0874.jpg

 photo 1_MG_0892.jpg

 photo 1_MG_0771.jpg

 photo DSC09867.jpg

 photo 1_MG_0794.jpg

 photo 1_MG_0852-1.jpg

 photo 1_MG_0743.jpg

 photo 1_MG_0677.jpg

 photo 1_MG_0597.jpg

 photo 1_MG_0620.jpg

 photo 1_MG_0971.jpg

 photo 1_MG_0964.jpg

Flying Kiss~ *melt*

 photo DSC00088.jpg

 photo DSC00089.jpg

 photo DSC00090.jpg

 photo DSC00092.jpg

 photo DSC00093.jpg

The press conference ended on a high note. Everyone is excited and looking forward to the fan-meeting.

More pictures on the press conference can be found in our photo albums on facebook. (Special thanks to Luther for the pictures) (Special thanks to jojolsg and BAiren for the pictures)

Press conference videos will be uploaded in our next post which also includes Gifts for Seung Gi and Hook! ^^

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