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Lee Seung Gi Hope Concert in Seoul (Meal Event for Concert Rehearsal)

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Together with China, Japan, USA, Thailand, Turkey, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines and LatinAiren (Argentina, Mexico, Ecuador, Peru) and Korea, we have together prepared the meal event for 2013 Lee Seung Gi Hope Concert in Seoul.

LSGKWA intended to proceed with meal event (dinner) on the 29 Nov for Seung Gi and his crews during their rehearsal as well as another catering on 30 Nov for Seung Gi and his crews in his waiting room. However, 3 days prior to the event, we were being contacted and informed by one of the sponsor to cancel the catering for 30 Nov.

Seung Gi, Teacher Lee Sun Hee, Representatives, Directors Meal on 29 Nov

Assorted fruit salad with raw cheese
Oven baked flying fish
Grilled abalone with ginseng
Steak pork chops
Ginger teriyaki eel
Smoked duck with roasted pumpkin
Grilled orange jam chicken
Baby octopus with lemon and basil
Flying fish roe omelet
Scallop skewers
Fried chili king prawns
Nutritional rice
Seasonal fruit
Cookies and Brownies
Handmade pickled ginger tea

 photo con_sg29_SG.jpg

Abalone Ginseng Chicken Soup were delivered to Seung Gi and his manager and Teacher Sun Hee and her manager separately~

To our Seung Gi
♥100%♥ Pure love Worldren Meal
This message was printed on the roses and used to decorate the lunch boxes.

Seung Gi~ You had a warmth meal for your final rehearsal, read the messages on the flower stand board that were filled with Worldren’s love and wishes for you to do well for your performance and ate the nutritional meal and abalone ginseng chicken soup well right~~?
(Seung Gi-nim~ please don’t have goosebumps~ what to do~ this is the hearts and love of Worldren ㅋㅋ)

 photo flower_SG.jpg

Abalone Ginseng Chicken Soup and Abalone Short-ribs Soup prepared for staff.

Abalone Ginseng Chicken Soup or Abalone Short ribs Soup
Spicy Stir Fried Pork
Sweet and Sour Squid
Spicy Sweet Sauce Fried Chicken
Vegetable Salad
Stir-fry glass noodle
Acorn Jelly
Marinated leek and cucumber
Stir-fry dried sliced squid
Spicy radish with oysters
Salted squid
Marinated beet root
Sugar-coated potatoes
Orange & Pineapple
Tea & Coffee
Cheong Kwan Jang Red Ginseng drink
Market O Brownie

Snacks for Seung Gi and crews.
Market O brownies
Packet of dried persimmom
Packet Nuts
Japanese Sweets
Vitamin Drinks
Japanese Cookies
Bottled Coffee and Mineral Water

 photo con_staf_SGf.jpg

We have prepared the main dish, abalone ginseng chicken soup and abalone beef short ribs soup with fresh abalone bought from Wando during dawn of the same day.
Even if you have not tried beef short ribs soup and ginseng chicken soup before, everyone should know that the soup alone is not a complete meal without side dishes. Hence, we prepared generous amount and variety of side dishes too.
We also have prepared Jeong Gwan Jang red ginseng drink and Market O brownie for desserts~

For his final rehearsal, we gave a warm and reassuring meal to eat, hoping that he will do well for his performance and that he will know our hearts, as well as coffee, orange, brownie etc. and desserts for them to share and eat while chatting.
We also prepared a whole bunch of pocket-sized desserts for everyone^^

Japanese cookies were sponsored by LSG Japan and pocket-sized packets of nuts were sponsored by Blue-nim.
Just like the midnight snack support, this time round we decorated the snacks with a christmas atmosphere and feel too~!
Blue-nim has personally wrapped and packed the dried persimmons and nuts nicely!
Thanks to Mimi girl-nim for cutting and pasting the stickers for the red ginseng must have been tiring for your fingers!

Cleaning of dining area, setting up of banners, cutting and pasting stickers on various beverages, transportation of lunch boxes and snacks etc..
Thank you China staff, Thailand staff and Singapore staff for all your hard work and working together through the cold weather that day. Everyone hands were freezing cold and it was nice to see them cheering for one and another and warming each other hands.
Because the meal time was delayed, the duration of the meal session took place very long and everything ended late, I am not sure if all of you managed to return safely to watch the first episode of Noona Over Flowers... 

This is the Worldren basket of flowers that was sent to his waiting room.

 photo con_flower_SG.jpg

 photo Donation.jpg

Lastly, Worlden donated a total amount of 8.000.000won of winter clothing to the needy.
Korea together with World, Japan, Singapore, USA, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, Turkey, Latin Airen and also together with world's new family member China, have donated 8.000.000won of winter clothing and sent our love to them.

We will notify all of you on the donation progress again once they receive the delivery from the agency or fanclub.

Not an exaggeration to say that the biggest event of the year is Seoul Concert!
Thank you China, Japan, Singapore, USA, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, Turkey and Latin Airen who have always been Lee Seung Gi world pillar of support and helping out in the preparations.

We are always grateful to Korearen and everyone from different countries whom we have not met but always lending helping.

Worldren will continue to do our best to keep in pace and walk on together with Lee Seung Gi.
Thank you~!

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