Tuesday, December 24, 2013

[Airen Activities] Lee Seung GI Hope Concert 2013 in Busan

Hi Singapore Airen,

Today is Christmas eve. Do you have any plans with your loved one? Or did you have a date with Seung Gi at Daegu or are you waiting for live update in front of your computer?

Lee Seung Gi Hope Concert in Seoul was well-received and many airen had an unforgettable memories in Seoul and in Singapore. Not only did most of the airen have a good time, Seung Gi and the crews have a great time too. Thanks to your contribution to Lee Seung Gi Hope Concert Projects in Seoul. Together with many other countries in Lee Seung Gi Korea with World Airen, we are able to arrange and deliver delicious and great meals and snacks in the month of November 2013. Looking back...We are grateful for your support and all the love you have been showering upon Seung Gi. Singapore Airen was once an unfamilar name to him. You have helped to build LSGSG and created many happy memories for him. For this, thank you so much.

 photo ewti.jpg

After receiving positive feedbacks about the meal events that were carried out, World family had a discussion. We decided to arrange another meal event for Seung Gi and the crews. This time the meal event will be held at Busan on 28th Dec and it will be the last event for 2013.

Seung Gi's schedule for the month of December is very hectic. After returning from China, he continues to have practice for concert and will also travel to Daegu and Busan from Seoul for his concert. We would like to show our support, encouragement and appreciation to him and the team hardwork. And since it is during festive season and he will be away from home, we will deliver warm and comfort food to him and the crews.

We apologise for the very late notice as this was decided last minute. A small contribution could be of great help too! and thus we hope many would participate and show support~ And in addition, since it is the month of giving, we will be having a lucky draw, airen would stand a chance to win some exclusive prizes! We will reveal the christmas gift list tomorrow (25th Dec).

Christmas Gift List
(a) Lee Seung Gi's 1st signature to Singapore Airen (Original) - Annabella
(b) Lee Seung Gi Korea with World Airen Meal event's Banner - earthmagi
(c) Tonight with Lee Seung Gi Singapore's folder - chcmic
(d) Lee Seung Gi Hope Concert 2013's handkerchief - Larissa
(e) KBS Kwave Magazine (featuring Lee Seung Gi) - Airen4ever
(f) Hansute Japanese Magazine (featuring Lee Seung Gi) - shootin
(g) Korean TV Drama Japanese Magazine (featuring Lee Seung Gi) - conniek8888
(h) anan Magazine - last chapter (featuring Lee Seung Gi) - JanLuvLSG
(i) Lee Seung Gi Worldren's Pouch A - carrotjuice
(j) Lee Seung Gi Worldren's Pouch B - Dew
(k) Lee Seung Gi Hope Concert 2013's handkerchief - sincere
(l) KBS Kwave Magazine (featuring Lee Seung Gi) -lsghhjfan1
(m) Hansute Japanese Magazine (featuring Lee Seung Gi) - singar77
(n) 2012 Lee Seung Gi Hope Concert USB - YMH

 photo random-1.png

Please make a fund transfer to the following Bank Account:
POSB Bank - Saving Account No. 060-84778-9

After you have made a transfer, it is important for you to fill out a Contribution Verification Form:

This form would help us to keep record and verify your money immediately.

Thank you Singapore Airen and Merry Christmas~~~

Closing date: 26 Dec 2013 (1159pm)


List of Airen who have supported the event:

$60 - chcmic 
$100 - lsghhjfan1 
$100 - JanLuvLSG
$60 - earthmagi
$50 - conniek8888
$100 - sincere
$100 - YMH
$80 - Dew
$50 - Annabella
$50 - Airen4Ever
$20 - Larissa
$68 - shootin
$130 - singar77
$100 - carrotjuice

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