Monday, December 23, 2013

Lee Seung Gi Hope Concert 2013 in Seoul (Meal events for Concert Practice)

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Together Lee Seung Gi Korea with World Airen, we have prepared in total 2 rounds of midnight snacks on 19 Nov and 20 Nov to support our star who had been practising hard at late night and sweating out ahead of the Seoul concert, as well as for the crews who have helped our star to make the stage performance even more wonderful.

World Airen countries, USA, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Turkey, Philippines, Latin, Indonesia who have always prepared for big and small events and support together have participated in this and LSG China Airen has also participated^^

From concert rehearsal midnight snack support to the concert meal support and to the donation support, these are jointly prepared by China, USA, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Turkey, Philippines, Latin, Indonesia and Korea~!

Midnight snack menu for 35 pax on 19 Nov
Rice roll (kimbap) & Egg sushi
Seafood salad
Seafood tteokbokki made with prawn and crab
Beef with potato stew
Fried eel with leek
Fruits, brownie, cookies and beverages

In order to take care of his throat and body/health amidst his hectic schedule during year end, we have specially made and added pear and bellflower dates into citron tea and put it together with his meal.
Because we are concerned about Seung Gi who pays a lot of attention to body/health management, we have prepared prawns, seafood salad and fruits for him.

To avoid too oily or fried dishes in the menu for midnight snack, a suitable quantity and nutritional food have been chosen~!

 photo 19_SG.jpg

Midnight snack menu for 31 pax on 20 Nov
Boiled herbal pork
Seafood vermicelli cold dish
Stir-fry squid tteokbokki
Chili prawns
Sweet and sour chicken with nuts
Seafood pancake
Fruits, brownie, cookies and beverages

Boiled pork that Koreans cannot leave out for midnight snack! It consists of pickled radish and vegetables too. Seafood pancake and cold dish..because there are boiled pork and seafood pancake too so we only put in one rice ball made with anchovies and nuts. We have prepared the meal with christmas mood~^^

 photo 20date_staff_SG.jpg

 photo 20date_sg_SG.jpg

The amount of food was more for the second day than the first day because we have suddenly prepared two grilled chicken for Seung Gi and the crew to share~!

Because our Chef is also a fan of Seung Gi, she paid lots of attention even to small details and the meals was also decorated beautifully with flowers, just like a picnic lunch with boyfriend. Other than visible details, I think our Chef has also paid lots of attention to the taste and nutrition of the food too~ Thank you Chef^^

LSGKWA event team Blue-nim, as though she is going to confess to Seung Gi, has handcrafted and brought along 30 over rose corsage and beautifully decorated the boxes^^

Although the temperature has suddenly dropped and became very cold while setting up the food at rehearsal venue, staff who have helped in delivering the food were more concerned about the food than their own body..
To Blue-nim, Mimi girl-nim and Mandu-nim who have been staying up late, thank you for all your hard work.

Our star have penetrated and stayed in our hearts like this~!
"Because of fans who have carefully prepared meals, I have eaten well and it has given me strength to come this far!"
He said this during the concert and conveyed his gratitude~ his heart is always warmth and grateful~hehe
Till now his voice is still lingering in our ears, right? ^^

Just like our star…
How about ending the remaining days of the year by expressing our appreciation and thanks to whoever we would like to thank? ㅎㅎ
LSGKWA shall take the lead~~!!
To all Worldren, thank you always~ㅎ And although it may be cold, I hope you can spend the year end with a warm heart and end the year well~^^

And one more!!!
World Airen midnight snack support and of course for concert support too, we did not put up the signatures or took a picture of him having the meal.
I think even if we didn't deliberately explain, World Airen will understand the reason~^^

Shall end the midnight snack support report here and we will definitely put up another post on the concert support content. Thank you all for your efforts~^^

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