Saturday, December 21, 2013

Lee Seung Gi: 2013 The Brilliant Show in China (Guangzhou/Shanghai)

Thank you Singapore Airen for your congratulatory flower wreath and Asia FM cake!

The Brilliant Show in Guangzhou
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The Brilliant Show in Shanghai

 photo e87f5200041d48c725d2828d537b9a5b_fRnoAXODiu93KipPIvF.jpg
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 photo CN1jpgoriginal.jpg
 photo CN2-1jpgoriginal.jpg

During The Brilliant Show in China, China fan communities (LSG ChinaAiren and LSG Baidu tieba) have helped to prepare alot of things for the successful fan meeting in China. Thank you LSG China Airen staff and members and also thank you LSG China Baidu Tieba staff too.
LSG China Airen have helped World Airen to order flower wreaths, flower basket and a congratulatory cake for Asia Tour. They have also prepared two meals on their own for Seung Gi and staff.
The congratulatory cake was sent to his room before he arrived at the hotel. He was very surprised and moved by the cake and gifts prepared by LSG China Airen. The cake was prepared by Korea, Japan, China, USA, Singapore, Thailand, Turkey. This is to celebrate and wrap up 2013 The Brilliant Show in Asia.
As christmas is approaching, we have prepared and decorated the flower wreath and flower basket with a christmas feel.
On top of this, we would like to thank our Worldstaff and also China Airen staff, Faye for co-ordinating and putting everything together.
Have you seen the cake and the flower wreaths?
Our World family have been travelling and cheering together for Seung Gi from one place to another.
Seung Gi's popularity has been going strong all the way?! haha
It is very encouraging~ Thank you so much for supporting the event^^

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