Tuesday, July 23, 2013

[Fan-Meeting] 2013 Lee Seung Gi Brilliant Show in Singapore - Ticket Launch and Lee Seung Gi Greeting

Hi Airen,

Guess all of us have been waiting anxiously for something? hahaha!
Yes! The Greeting Video from Seung Gi to Singapore Airens!!
Do you miss Seung Gi?
Despite of Seung Gi's busy work schedule, he did a video message for all of us. He is so sweet. *melt*
This is definitely a great gift for the start of a new week!

Cr: Faith & D Entertainment

We hope everyone has gotten tickets for the fan-meeting. Let us all come together and have a good time together again!!

Seung Gi's fan-meeting ticket launch event for Cat 1 and Cat 5 was held on 13 July 2013.

Thank you for coming down to Bugis+ last week to purchase your tickets for the fan-meeting.
We hope you have a good time getting to know other Singapore Airens and also enjoyed the activities we planned. It is a pity that video-screening wasn't suitable for the venue and we can't have a sing along session!! But it's okay! Let's save all our energy for Sept!!! ^^

 photo 069.jpg

 photo 072.jpg

The Ticket Sale started at 2pm. Faith & D's team came early and started distributing queue numbers. The whole event took place in an orderly manner. =) 

 photo 004.jpg

We have prepared Seung Gi's badge reel and cardholder for the beautiful ticket card issued by Faith & D Entertainment. Do you like them? ^^

 photo 055.jpg

 photo 071.jpg

Airen who came down to Bugis+ to purchase their tickets also gets a nice brochure!

 photo 008.jpg

To thank Airen for taking the time and effort to queue to buy tickets, everyone gets a chance for lucky draw!

 photo 062.jpg

 photo 063.jpg

 photo 020-1.jpg

As the time passed, more Airen joined the queue!

 photo 065.jpg

 photo 064.jpg

At the same time, Airen wrote messages to Seung Gi~

 photo 058.jpg

 photo 002.jpg

Ticket Sale starts!

 photo 077.jpg

 photo 075.jpg

 photo 078.jpg

Waiting for their turn to grab a good seat to see Seung Gi on 7 Sep!!

 photo 014.jpg

Faith & D's team showing Airen the seating plan.

 photo 046.jpg

 photo 045.jpg

 photo 047.jpg

 photo 048.jpg

After purchasing the tickets and collecting the badge reels and brochure, lucky draw time!!

 photo 106.jpg

 photo 083.jpg

 photo 115.jpg

Happy Airen who won the lucky draw!

 photo 005-1.jpg

 photo 024-1.jpg

 photo 029.jpg

 photo 084.jpg

 photo 086.jpg

 photo 017.jpg

Lucky Airen who won the big prize! Congratulations!

 photo 036.jpg

 photo 089.jpg

Airens who got her ticket card, Seung Gi's badge reel, brochure and lucky draw prize, Catalogue!

 photo 117.jpg

Airen placing order for Lee Seung Gi Singapore's Tshirt~ ^^ (P.S: The tshirt on the table is NOT Lee Seung Gi Singapore's tshirt).

 photo 059.jpg

For more ticket launch event pictures, click HERE

Once again, we would like to thank all Airen who have came for the event. Without everyone strong support, Lee Seung Gi Singapore will not grow and share our passion and love to everyone and Seung Gi. We would also like to thank helpers who have helped during the event. Thank you Faith & D for doing a nice ticket card and bringing Seung Gi back to Singapore.

Because of our love for Lee Seung Gi, we have came together and get to know one another and cheer for him as Singapore Airen. Because of your passion and love for Seung Gi, he decided to RETURN to Singapore. This is not Lee Seung Gi Singapore's credit. It is every one. Thank you Singapore Airen for always being supportive and thank you Lee Seung Gi Korea, Lee Seung Gi Japan and USAiren for always providing help and support to Singapore Airen. Thank you for loving Airen in Singapore.

Thank you for this big family, supporting and loving Seung Gi together. Let us get together and do our best in preparing his arrival to Singapore for the 2nd time. =)

Singapore Airen, Fighting! Worldren, Fighting!

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