Wednesday, July 31, 2013

[Airen Activities] Pre-Order: ASTA Magazine (Thailand Edition)

Hi Singapore Airen,

Seung Gi will be going to Thailand for his 1st fan-meeting in Bangkok.
Asta Magazine (Thailand Edition) has featured Seung Gi on its cover.
Beside the cover, there are 11 pages on Seung Gi in the magazine.

 photo c50eae8419e974c35e6d7fbe34eab2a5_HV877TMLnxi2kilOTYZmhwI1TaP1K1O.jpg

With the help of Lee Seung Gi Thailand and Lee Seung Gi Korea with World Airen, Lee Seung Gi Singapore will be opening a pre-order just for you.
We will be helping Singapore Airens to save on shipping and bank charges fee for the magazine purchase.

If you would like to grab a copy, please make a fund transfer to
CLOSED and fill up the Payment verification form.

Cost per magazine: SGD5.00

Payment verification form

Note: The magazine is in Thai language. No cancellation after payment has been transferred.
As there are limited stocks, if it run out of stock, we will do a full refund to you.

Collection/Delivery Method:
Self-Collection - TBA

We will close this pre-order on 31th July 2013, 1159pm

List of Airens placing orders:
Carol.W - 1 (verified)
Elizabeth - 2 (verified)
Denise.Y - 1 (verified)
PinPin - 1 (verified)
Yixin - 1 (verified)
Michelle Kho - 3 (verified)
Larissa - 1 (verified)

Ning - 1 (verified)
Rose.L - 2 (verified)
Sashimidou - 1 (verified)
Jolene - 1 (verified)
Brenda - 1 (verified)
Nadia - 6 (verified)
Shah - 3 (verified)

Total 24

Status: 01.08.2013 - Payment has been sent. Collection will be informed via email.

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