Wednesday, July 31, 2013

[Airen Activities] Give a Gift: Friendship Gift

Hi Singapore Airen,

Together with DC Lee Seung Gi Gallery (DClsg) and Lee Seung Gi Korea with World Airen (LSGKWA), Lee Seung Gi Singapore celebrates Lee Seung Gi ASIA TOUR 2013!

We would like to present Lee Seung Gi's 5th (Tonight) and 5.5th (Forest) album as a gift to you and your friends.

 photo gift1.jpg

Terms and Conditions:
(1) Fan of Lee Seung Gi residing in Singapore
(2) Do not own a copy of Lee Seung Gi 5th and 5.5th album
       OR would like to give it to a friend who likes Lee Seung Gi.
(3) Max 2 sets per person.

This is a gift. It is not for resale. Please do not sell it to anyone or use it for any commercial purposes.

To be informed via email.

I would like to get a friendship Gift.

We will be closing this activity without prior notice.


List of Airen who requested for 1 set:

Judith Lam
Michelle Teo
Esther Ho
Jane Chong
Wee Ming
Theresa Sin
Elsie See
Magdalena Ming Yi
Qian Yi
Cindy Chua
Nicolette Ho
Shi Yun
Tan Susie
Siew Keng
Sandy Aw
Fragrant Ting
Do Thi Thanh Tam
Janica Lim
Sherisse Raps
Kathleen Yip
Tan Yan Ling
Wang Hao
Serene Wu
Densylia Yeo
Lily Oey
Jennifer Ho
Li Ting

List of Airen who requested for 2 sets:
Ivy Koh
Sushin khine
Teoh Qian Xuan
Zane Kong
Feng Yueh
Carol Wong
Dolly Ling
Xu Chunling
Devi Rumambi
Chan SzeHwee
Cindy Ang
Disie Khoo
Michelle Pua
Wee LiShan
Tan Hui Nee
Michelle Kho
Eugenia Ghin
Debbie Kim
Maylyn Tan
Bibiana Soh
Ong Lee Hua
Denise Yeo
Noryati Rahman

Status: We have informed the relevant parties on the total number of sets requested. They will be preparing the sets and send via post to LSGSG Staff. Once the sets have arrived in Singapore, we will send an email to inform Airen on the collection details. As these are gifts from Korea Airen, we seek your understanding that we will not be pressing them on delivery.

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