Friday, May 10, 2013

[Airen Activities] Lee Seung Gi's 9th Debut Anniversary (Project #3)

Hi Airen,

Debut Project #1 and #2 ended quickly with high participation rate.
Thank you for all the messages. We hope you have fun!

We hope to be able deliver a great book for his debut anniversary.
Are you able to imagine his expression while reading it?
He would probably laugh out loud for some parts and give u a confuse look for some parts.
We are very sure he is definitely looking forward to receiving this.

From drama to hair style to clothing to songs to dating!
We are doing a full scale Wolrdren reporting to him!
We are going to let him know how Airen feels~ ^^

We are almost there.
Lots of work but no sweat!
We have got all the love you have for him and we will get it deliver!! Fighting!!

9th Debut Anniversary Project #3!~

The MOST IMPORTANT project that you should not miss!

(1) 'Kang Chi, the Beginning' Drama reviews - To Kang Chi (Episode 1 to 24)
After each episode has broadcast, a post at LSGKWA will be open to collect your messages to Kang Chi. Share your views, thoughts and feeling. Tell him which part makes you angry, sad or happy.
Tell him which part he did well or not too well. Seung Gi is definitely looking forward to hear from you. 24 episodes! Start writing - Lee Seung Gi Korea with World Airen - Freeboard

(2) ★Special Power★

 photo 48ff7b8e317e8058b8ccaf309becbf41_pADu3KO3SkYn6irROFg2sQ3tnNFlSZ.jpg

Use your imagination, once I wore the bracelet...I.......?
...became Kang Chi's wife. hahaha!
...became hungry!! happy again!

(3) ★Words of Love★ 사랑한다는 말

Write Korean Words to Seung Gi and take a picture of the words (example below)

 photo saranghae4.jpg

Please send your Words of Love's picture to latest by 12 May 2013.

Example of Korean Words:

I Love You = 나는 당신을 사랑합니다
Love You = 사랑 해요
Fighting! = 화이팅
You can also write other korean words as well.

We look forward to your participation!

(4) Congratulatory Message to Lee Seung Gi

 photo 9debut41.jpg

Please click on Submit ONCE only.
This activity will close on 18 May 2013 *extended*

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