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[Airen Activities] Lee Seung Gi: Happy 9th Debut Anniversary!

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Hi Airens,

How have you been? Have you been watching "Kang Chi, the Beginning"?
We hope you have fun participating in all the activities posted in preparation for his 9th Debut Anniversary.

"Kang Chi, the Beginning" drama support event will finally be held next week.
The schedule of the event has been changing because of the weather.
We have prepared meals and gifts to cheer for Seung Gi and the crews. They will be having their meals in the midst of filming. Please look forward to more updates on LSGKWA ( and facebook where we try to bring you live updates about the events.

Airen who have placed an order for Kang Chi's umbrella or have purchased the TK2H Taiwan stickers to support Taiwan's needy. All the items will arrive in Singapore after the drama support event takes place. We are targeting to receive by end of next week. As soon as we receive it, we will send an email for collection.

Seung Gi's 9th debut anniversary will be on 5 June 2013.
This is the day where Airen celebrates Seung Gi's 9th year in the entertainment industry.
Airen has watch him grow and shine for the past 9 years and we are proud of all his achievements as a multi-entertainer. Your congratulatory messages, drama reviews and etc will all be presented to him in 9th debut anniversary books which we are currently working on.

Beside the books, we are also preparing several items to make this event a memorable one for Seung Gi. We will be giving him a congratulatory meal for his 9th debut anniversary. He will be having the meal at the filming site. 9th Debut Anniversary Gifts and Cake will also be delivered on the day of event.

Join us in thanking Lee Seung Gi for his 9 years of contribution~
Our hope, our tears, our smile that he has brought into our life!

Lee Seung Gi Singapore do not have an account which maintain its own fund.
We collect funds as and when funds are needed for projects.

We welcome any amount of contribution. No obligation. =)

Please make a fund transfer via a bank to POSB Bank - Saving Account No. 060-84778-9

After you have made a transfer, it is important for you to fill up the Contribution Verfication Form so that we can keep a record and verify your money immediately.


[For Overseas Airen who are interested to participate]
You may wish to make a contribution at LSGKWA via Paypal
Paypal account

This information can also be found at LSGKWA Post #1187

Should you have any enquiries, pls email us at

Deadline for funds donation:  30 May 2013. 1159pm

We look forward to your support. Thank you.


List of Airen who contributed to the event:
Airen Judith - $50 (verified)
jjuhm - $100 (verified)
KP - $30 (verified)
antron77 - $50 (verified)
chcmic - $50 (verified)
YanNie - $30 (verified)
nomunomuchuwae LSG - $150 (verified)
LYcrazy4LSG - $30 (verified)
ymesther - $30 (verified)
Maisy - $35 (verified)
iLoveLSG - $30 (verified)
SashimiDou - $100 (verified)
eryiLUV - $50 (verified)
apple pie - $50 (verified)
MummyloveMighty - $50 (verified)
jojolsg92 - $50 (verified)
sincere - $201 (verified)
MsCool - $50 (verified)
ladyoflove - $35 (verified)
carrotjuice - $150 (verified)
JL - $80 (verified)
mtdt - $100 (verified)
abricots - $80 (verified)
Heodang - $60 (verified)
snowflake - $80 (verified)
Total: $1721

1520000won transferred.

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