Saturday, May 4, 2013

[Airen Activities] Lee Seung Gi's 9th Debut Anniversary (Project #2)

Hi Airen,

Did you have fun participating the activities for Project #1?

 photo debut93.jpg

There are 1 activity from Project #1 still on-going. Do not miss the chance to participate and send your messages to Seung Gi.

(1) 'Kang Chi, the Beginning' Drama reviews - To Kang Chi
After each episode has broadcast, a post at LSGKWA will be open to collect your messages to Kang Chi. Share your views, thoughts and feeling. Tell him which part makes you angry, sad or happy.
Tell him which part he did well or not too well. Seung Gi is definitely looking forward to hear from you. 24 episodes! Start writing - Lee Seung Gi Korea with World Airen - Freeboard

Here comes 9th Debut Anniversary Project #2!~
 photo a9fcd58d4e21b0b557428789ddadac3d_tjCxVoRaBJd9ghM6HECOlfno82r6PM8.jpg
(1) Declaration from Worldren~ I am Airen!! Palm Authentication time!

Please send your picture of Worldren's declaration (Palm Authentication) to latest by 10 May 2013 (CLOSED).

Paper Size: A4 size
Paper color: any
Paint color: any

Hand: Right

Example: White Colour Paper with Dark Blue Hand-print. Please use visible colours.

We hope many Worldren will participate so that we are able to put them together and form a design.

(2) Choose your favorite Seung Gi's Hair Style
Closing Date: 10th May 2013 (CLOSED)

(3) Choose your favorite Seung Gi's Style

Closing Date: 10th May 2013 (CLOSED)

We look forward to your participation!

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