Monday, April 29, 2013

[Airen Activities] Fund-raising Project for Taiwan Needy Children(TAIFC)

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Hi Airens,
The King 2 hearts will be broadcast in Taiwan very soon.

A charity society “Red Hearts Association” started a fundraising activity for needy children in Taiwan and in return, they are giving The King 2 hearts‘s stickers to donors who donate to this activity.

Taiwan Airen International Fan Club (TAIFC) has contacted the Association and has expressed interest in joining this meaningful activity together with World Airen. Lee Seung Gi Korea with World Airen will be doing our best to support this activity and we look forward to Worldren's participation.

Activity Details:
Every SGD4.50 donation + SGD1 shipment, you will receive 1 set of card stickers (4 designs)

Every SGD8.50 donation + SGD1 shipment, you will receive 2 sets of card stickers (4 designs) + 1 big promotional sticker - while stocks last)

[For Singapore Airen only]
For every SGD25.50 donation + SGD3 shipment, you will receive 6 sets of card stickers (4 designs), 3 big promotional sticker (while stock lasts) and 1 The King 2 Heart's poster! (while stock lasts)

You can also request to make a donation without the stickers.
It will be SGD4.50, SGD9.00, SGD13.50, SGD18.00.

All donations will be send to TAIFC, TAIFC will give to Red Hearts Association together with what they have raised.
How to make a donation?
You can bank transfer to DBS Savings - 017-0-100391

Please fill up the form after fund transfer complete:

When can I receive the stickers?

After the activity ends, we send the sum to TAIFC. TAIFC will send the stickers to us.
We will email you once the item has reach us.

Activity will end on 3rd May 2013, 1159pm (KST) - CLOSED


Thank you for your generous donation.
We have raised 7700 Taiwan Dollars (estimated SGD321)  for the needy children in Taiwan.
The donation has been sent to them on 7th May 2013.

List of Singapore Airen's donors:
TL - 10 Sets + 1 Poster
RL - 2 Sets + 2pcs
AR - 4 Sets + 4pcs
SD - 2 Sets + 2pcs
YZ - 2 Sets + 2 pcs
TP - 4 Sets + 4 pcs
JW - 2 Sets + 2 pcs
CK - 2 Sets + 2 pcs
KP - 2 Sets +2 pcs
JL - 6 Sets + 1 Poster + 6 pcs
PS - 6 Sets + 1 Poster + 6 pcs

Total:  42 Sets

YL - $54
MH - $20
TP - $181
PS - $11.50

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