Saturday, April 6, 2013

Lee Seung Gi: Kang Chi, The Beginning's Drama Support Event #1 - Press Conference

Hi Singapore Airens,

Are you ready to catch Seung Gi's new drama, 구가의 서 (Kang Chi, The Beginning) on MBC starting 8th April 2013, every mon and tue at 8:55pm (Singapore Time)?
We hope you have created an ID at iMBC which allows you to watch on your computer and also on your mobile while you are on the move.

The Registration Guide and How to Login via Computer and Mobile has been posted at LSGKWA Freeboard:

And! We left 2 days before Singapore Entertainment Awards 2013 closes its poll for votes.
We would like to say thank you for the 40+ days of support for voting. You are the best! ^^
Let's do our best till the end. Seung Gi is happy to hear about his nomination for the award.
Let's pray hard that we are able to bring him a great piece of news during his filming for his new drama.
Together with Airen around the world, we will also do our best to bring you more latest news and translations at LSGKWA.

Similar to other korea's fan communities, there is a level up system in place. Writing a post at Freeboard allows you to level up and gain access to World Airen to enjoy exclusive pictures and translations provided by staff and Airen. You can also participate in games and win attractive prizes.
We have just posted our first game for drama and one of the prize is 구가의 서's poster. Let's have fun together. ^^

With lots of anticipation, 구가의 서 press conference took place on 2nd April 2013, 3pm (KST).

Here is the event summary of our joint support event for the press conference and ramen (noodle) wreath to wish for a daebak viewership for the secret story of the Legendary Half human Half beast, Choi Kang Chi "구가의 서" (Kang Chi, The Beginning) drama.

Thank you for your contribution earlier, which we are able to contribute to ramen wreaths under the name of Singapore Airen and World Airen and prepare customised tumbler, vitamin, foam toothpaste, cupcake, bottled mineral water and message card as souvenirs for the reporters.

Lee Seung Gi Korea with World Airen (LSGSG) was involved in the preparation of the 구가의 서 and Choi Kang Chi's logos, the cupcakes and bottled mineral water.

 photo goods_singa.jpg

Filled with each country Worldren's sincerity, Ramen wreaths were displayed to wish for a daebak beginning for the drama.

Just like the phrase written on ramen wreath, till the day it's daebak in Korea, daebak even worldwide!
Korearen have to watch the premiere of the drama!! (it's like nagging you too. =x hehe)

We sincerely thank you and Korearen, Worldren as well as staff and members from each country;
LeeSeungGi Japan, LeeSeungGi USAiren, LeeSeungGi Singapore, LeeSeungGi LatinAiren, LeeSeungGi Thailand, LeeSeungGi Turkey, LeeSeungGi Philippines and LeeSeungGi Vietnam
for the participation in this drama support project.

And!! Let's continue to show lots of support for Choi Kang Chi and the drama, Kang Chi, The Beginning~ ^^

You can still contribute to support the upcoming project.
How to participate in the support of 구가의 서: (via paypal) or you can email us at (local bank transfer)

Ramen wreath phrase- Large
Worldren also wants to stay tune to the Channel!
Daebak in Korea,
Daebak even Worldwide!

Ramen wreath phrase- Small
Daebak advance acknowledgement Accepted!!

 photo flo_singa.jpg

Airen received recognition by 구가의 서 staff  and s/he has posted a message at DC inside LeeSeungGi gallery. hehe

Extracted from tryp96's site (

A Gu Family Secret staff posted this picture on dclsg, along with his/her thanks to the fans of Lee Seung Gi for their gifts. S/he said with only 3 days left before the drama’s premiere, they are filming very diligently without any sleep. Gu Family Secret, fighting!!!

We hope you will enjoy and support Seung Gi's 1st Saguek drama. It's gonna be another great work! He never fail to "WOW" us. ^^
구가의 서 fighting!! Worldren fighting!!

Thank you!

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