Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Lee Seung Gi: The Brilliant Show in Yokohama

Hi Singapore Airens,

It is an exciting day for the heart and soul as the big hit drama 'Gu Family Secret' press conference was held today~^^*
Did you manage to catch the Live Press Conference? Seung Gi in his black suit looked really charming~ Remember to catch ;Gu Family Secret next monday, 8 April 2013 at 8.55pm (Singapore time) on MBC Channel. The imbc guide to watch online is posted at LSGKWA

On 29th March, Lee Seung Gi - The Brilliant Show was held in Yokohama.
Lee Seung Gi Singapore has helped 11 Airens to purchase their tickets for The Brilliant Show and have provided them with guides on directions to the venue and instructions on collection of tickets and etc. We hope everyone who went to Yokohama have an enjoyable time with Seung Gi. Singapore airens have also shown support to Official Fanclub by pre-ordering Seung Gi's 5.5 album and limited edition merchandises (t-money card and umbrella) through LSGSG. We have helped to bring back the items from Japan and Singapore Airens have save cost on shipment. Collection details will be sent via email shortly. ^^

Together with Lee Seung Gi Korea with World Airen, we have helped to prepare a basket of flowers, flower wreaths and gifts. This basket of flowers with utmost fashionable scent of spring flowers in spring, and flower wreaths with congratulatory and cheering messages from each country, we hope it reach Seung Gi's heart. Thanks to Japan staff for taking great care of the flower baskets and wreaths.

 photo flo_singa-1.jpg

To commerate Lee Seung Gi Brilliant Show, Lee Seung Gi Japan has prepared gifts.
Yokohama has a long tradition of famous crafts^^
The night view of Yokohama and Seung Gi's cool look were prepared and nicely put together~ hehe
Nice engravement placed behind the frame to remember this special day.

 photo japan_singa-1.jpg

Chocolate made in France prepared by Lee Seung Gi Singapore. ^^
The chocolate case and design is perfect! Chocolate that represents actor Lee Seung Gi (the box is engraved). 
Lee Seung Gi who is currently on diet!! These chocolates are sugar-free so I think you can eat without worry ^^
And 'Gu Family's Secret' Choi Kang Chi paper craft has been made and framed up as a gift.
Gifts full of sincerity....has been conveyed to Lee Seung Gi too.

 photo singa_singa-1.jpg

We would like to thank all the Singapore Airens who have contributed to this project. Singapore Airens who have went to Yokohama were delighted to see the flower wreath and many other airens have also took the chance to take photos of the flower wreath. Japan media who went to the fan-meeting to do a media coverage were amazed by the flower wreaths displayed with a unified design, representing so many countries around the world.

 photo 883833_10151579561073689_1086387110_o.jpg

Thank you as always for sending us and LSGKWA your support and cheer from your heart and soul~ ♡
We hope to be able to continue to work together with many other countries to cheer and support our one and only World Star☆Lee Seung Gi. We would like you to accompany us through this beautiful journey. Like the flower wreath picture, this is Seung Gi's ultimate wish and also our wish to be always together and share many, many happy moments together. =)

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