Monday, March 11, 2013

[Pre-Order] Lee Seung Gi's 5.5th (Mini) Album Set (Official Website)

Hi Airens,

Official Website ( has posted a Notice on 5.5 Mini Album Pre-Order.
Lee Seung Gi Singapore will be doing a group purchase to support the event and help Singapore Airens to save on shipping and bank fee.

There are 3 sets available for sale.

 photo 15029481.jpg
Set A: Mini Album (5.5) + T-money card (Korea's ezlink card)
Note: Seung Gi's autograph is printed on the card. However, the card pictures may vary.
Price: SGD60.00*

Set B: Mini Album (5.5) + Umbrella
Note: Seung Gi's autograph is printed on the umbrella.
Price: SGD92.00*

Set C: Mini Album (5.5) only
Price: SGD55.00*

*The price above is based on an estimation. We will be following up with an email on the final price. Should there be any excess, we will refund accordingly.

Collection/Delivery Method:
Self-Collection - TBA

Send the sum to POSB Bank - Saving Account No. 060-84778-9

Please fill up the form only AFTER you have successfully completed your payment transaction via Bank Transfer. It will allow staff to verify your payment.

We strongly discourage duplicate submission of form. Should there be an error, email us. We will amend it at our back end. =)

We will close the pre-order on 13 March 2013, 12pm (SG time) *CLOSED*.

Thank you.


List of Airens who have placed an order.

Set A (Mini Album + T money Card)
Charlene x 1 (verified) - done
PinPin x 1 (verified) - done
Wahedan Manap x 1 (verified) - done
ElizabethMolina x 2 (verified) - done
Yuen Ling x 1 (verified) - done
Bibiana x 1 (verified) - done
Ning x 1 (verified)
Sashimidou x 1 (verified)
Brenda x 1 (verified)
lovedaewoong x 1 (verified)
11 Sets

Set B (Mini Album + Umbrella)
Shuyi x 1 (verified) - done
PinPin x 1 (verified) - done
Rose x 1 (verified)
3 Sets

Status: Collection details sent via email. Please check email. Thanks.

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