Friday, March 1, 2013

VOTE: Singapore Entertainment Awards 2013

Hi Airens,

Do you recall the times you told your family members/friends/relatives that you are not free on Wednesday & Thursday at night? (Because you are rushing home to watch The King 2hearts!)

Do you recall the times you cheer for TK2H and send food and gifts to them?
Seung Gi gave a signature to Singapore for the FIRST TIME!

Do you recall the times you laugh, smile and cry in front of your computer watching The King 2hearts?

Do you recall the happy times you had when Seung Gi was in Singapore?

Do you recall how you feel when Seung Gi didn't receive an Actor Award last year?
Click: Feelings...

We are thriving for no disappointment!
We know its tough. The nomination list for Korean Favourite TV Artiste has a room of good artistes.
We do our best. With No Regrets!

We are really happy that Singapore Medias recognise Seung Gi's efforts as an actor and put him on the nomination list. Now, we have to play our part as Airens - Seung Gi's most precious pillar of support.

Every vote is important to us.

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Vote via Online voting

Overseas Airen are welcome to vote. The Registration Guide can be found HERE

Thank you, Airen!

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