Tuesday, February 26, 2013

[Airen Activities] Lee Seung Gi: Kang Chi, The Beginning Projects

Hi Airens,

Finally! We know everyone has been enquiring and waiting for this notice to be posted!
Thank you for showing a lot of interest to Seung Gi's upcoming drama, Kang Chi, The Beginning!
Kang Chi, The Beginning is schedule to air in early April.
Seung Gi will be starting his filming very soon.
We hope to be able to hear some filming news by next week. ^^

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We would like to start the Kang Chi, The Beginning's fund-raising support.
Compared to last year, Lee Seung Gi Singapore will be more involved this year to show love and support to Seung Gi's 1st Saguek drama. Together with Lee Seung Gi Korea with World Airens and many other countries, we will cheer for Seung Gi for his good work and giving him support for his new drama challenge. Without further delay, let us bring you through on the projects planned.

Kang Chi, The Beginning's Press Conference (Ramyeon Wreath + Meal + Gifts)
We would like to thank Airens who have contributed funds for the Hope Concert's rice wreath last year. Instead of donating a rice wreath for the event, we will be getting a ramyeon (noodle) wreath to congratulate the event. Your contributions will help needy children in Korea. It will be a very meaningful event. ^^
In addition, we will also be having some food served and thank you souvenirs to medias who came and support the drama press conference.

Kang Chi, The Beginning (2 Meal events for 160 pax each session + Gifts for 160pax)
There will be more than one meal event for Seung Gi and the drama crews. We hope to be able to show love, support and thank them through a delicious and satisfying meal for all the hardwork and effort they have put in for the drama. Souvenirs Gifts will be presented to Seung Gi and the drama crews as a token of appreciation.

Note: We seek your understanding that the above projects may subject to change without prior notice.

We hope with everyone participation, we will be able to do this together and encourage Seung Gi in time of challenge.
Lee Seung Gi Singapore do not have an account which maintain its own fund.
We collect funds as and when funds are needed for projects.
We welcome any amount of contribution. No obligation. =)
Please make a fund transfer via a bank to DBS Bank - Savings Account No. 002-4-075573

After you have made a transfer, it is important for you to fill up the Contribution Verfication Form so that we can keep a record and verify your money immediately.

Contribution Verification Form: http://leeseunggisingapore.wufoo.eu/forms/lee-seung-gi-gu-family-book/


[For Overseas Airen who are interested to participate]
You may wish to make a contribution at LSGKWA via Paypal
Paypal account :lsgkorea.worldairen@gmail.com
This information can also be found at LSGKWA Post #691

Should you have any enquiries, pls email us at lsg_sgevents@live.com

Deadline for funds donation: 10 March 2013 (11.59pm) *CLOSED*

List of Airen who contributed to the event:

Airen Judith - $24.00 (verified)
chcmic - $24.00 (verified)
iloveLSG - $24.00 (verified)
Y.shuang - $24.00 (verified)
hui.h - $24.00 (verified)
leeliang - $24.00 (verified)
KP - $24.00 (verified)
Eddy - $24.00 (verified)
April - $24.00 (verified)
Airen_xiaoshu - $24.00 (verified)
yen5112 - $24.00 (verified)
Carol Wong - $24.00 (verified)
abricots - $24.00 (verified)
Yixin $15 (verified)
Ning $20 (verified)
Anna $20 (verified)
Sharon $20 (verified)
Karen Dawn $20 (verified)
JJ $20 (verified)
Thanda $24 (verified)
Yuen Ling $25 (verified)
YulingSG $26 (verified)
applemint $26 (verified)
iloveLSG $26  (verified)

1earthmagi $30 (verified)
2Antron $35 (verified)
3YanNie $40  (verified)
4ladyoflove $40 (verified)
5shonaho $40 (verified)
6Jessie $50 (verified)
7lovemarch $50 (verified)
8sashimidou $50 (verified)
9MummyloveMighty $50  (verified)
10eryiLUV $50  (verified)
11LYcrazy4LSG $54  (verified)
12Judy $80 (verified)

13Peppermint $100 (verified)
14Ms cool - $124 (verified)
15apple Pie $124 (verified)
16nomunomuchuwa LSG $150 (verified)
17lovedaewoong - $150.00 (verified)
18carrotjuice $200 (verified)
19Heodang $270 (verified)
20sincere $500  (verified)
21Singar77 $500 (verified)

Total: $3149.00
Amount sent on 15/03/2013

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