Tuesday, February 26, 2013

[Airen Activities] Lee Seung Gi: The Brilliant Show in Japan

Hi Airens!

How was your Chinese New Year? May everyone have a prosperous and healthy year!
Are you ready for all the fun, to start an exciting journey with Lee Seung Gi Singapore once again? 
There are many activities coming up. Join us as we continue to support Seung Gi as Singapore Airen! Aza Aza Fighting!

Seung Gi will be having an event in Japan on 29 March 2013. We are happy that Singapore Airens will  be attending the event to greet him in Japan. But...Airens who are unable to make it in Japan, do not be disappointed!^^

We will be bringing our heartfelt congratulation to Seung Gi for the event.
A 2-tier flower stand will be display at the venue. A Hand-made message board will be made!
A flower basket will also be delivered to Seung Gi.

 photo J1.jpg

Are you able to guess where the above flowerstand was place in singapore? hehe
Yes! It is in Seung Gi's dressing room in Singapore. He was admiring the flowers, sitting at the sofa and having a good lunch in the dressing room before the fan-meet. ^^
Are you missing him already?

We welcome any amount. No obligation.
Please make a fund transfer to POSB Bank - Saving Account No. 060-84778-9
After you made a fund transfer, its important for you to submit the participation form.

Participation Form

We look forward to your support. Thanks.

Deadline for the participation: 5 Mar 2013, 1159pm *Closed*

List of Airens who have contributed:
antron - SGD24.00 (verified)
Judy - SGD24.00 (verified)
Zed24 - SGD24.00 (verified)
SimEB - SGD24.00 (verified)
Singar77 - SGD24.00 (verified)
MmeShahSG - SGD24.00 (verified)
Heodang - SGD24.00 (verified)
Mei Ling - SGD24.00 (verified)
FNLim - SGD24.00 (verified)
ladyoflove - SGD40.00 (verified)
shonaho - SGD20.00 (verified)
sincere - SGD50.00 (verified)
MummyloveMighty - SGD70.00 (verified)
eryiLUV - SGD30.00 (verified)

Total: $426.00

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