Sunday, February 24, 2013

From Lee Seung Gi: To World Airen (Singapore)

Hi Singapore Airens,

During our Seung Gi’s birthday event in January, a World Map with Korea, Japan, Singapore, United States’s logos was prepared and presented to Seung Gi to commemorate the event.
We apologise for the delay in posting this. Before opening the autographed map, we thought he had just given one large autograph in the middle of the map, but...
Seung Gi would like to express his gratitude to fans in each country equally.
For each country’s logo, an autograph was given.
He is so sweet and thoughtful.
We hope you are happy and moved when you see the pictures.

 photo 3531281487_MuDlBNxE_map-1.jpg

What's coming up next?

Many exciting events are lining up for the upcoming months...

Seung Gi will greets you as a singer in The Brilliant Show in Japan and also as an actor in Gu Family Book.

We would like to thank Singapore Airens for purchasing Seung Gi's 5.5th (mini) album during Pre-Order #2. Thank you for helping and supporting the event.

Very briefly, for Brilliant show in Japan, Together with LSGKWA, we will be getting flowers to congratulate the event. For Gu Family Book, there will be several projects running (probably similar to the one we had earlier for The King 2 hearts) and may be a little bit more and we will be more involve this round. As details are currently not finalise and in discussion with staff from the respective countries, we will release more details to you at a later date. The fund raise event for the different projects will be up soon. We look forward to your support!

P.S: Have you join Lee Seung Gi with World Airen (LSGKWA)?

Lee Seung Gi with World Airen (LSGKWA) is a fan-community which Korean, Japan, Singapore and USA Airens had created, to share Seung Gi's news and care for Airens around the world. It is a home we been wanting to build for International Airens who love Seung Gi. The fan-community is expanding with more countries joining in. We really hope that this space continue to buzz with many international fans' love for Seung Gi and that when Seung Gi visits the site, he will feel at home and also have a great stay too by reading all the comments and posts. =)

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