Thursday, February 14, 2013

Lee Seung Gi: Happy Valentine's Day!

Hi Singapore Airens, how was your lunar new year?

Did you have a great time with your families and friends, sharing stories and eating delicious food together? We guess it’s probably not a good time for those who are going on a diet. hehe
Although we can’t help much on giving diet advices…^^
But we can update you on our recent project, Valentine event.

Lee Seung Gi Singapore decided not to have a fund raise for this event as we understand that everyone has been giving their fullest support to all Seung Gi's events and has been giving their fullest support to us on all the projects we launched. We are really grateful. Everyone has been awesome! Thank you so much! Funds were contributed by staff this round. We hope you like what you see. We will continue to do our best to Seung Gi and to you, Seung Gi's precious energy, Airens. =)

Together with 이승기 Korea with World Airen (LSGKWA), Lee Seung Gi Japan and USAirens, we present to you gifts presented to Seung Gi on 14th February 2013.

Let’s start with the Message Scroll which you have submitted your sweet message. On the Scroll, there is a Worldren’s Sweetest Messages to Kang Chi at the beginning. It goes like this:

The Worldren’s Sweet Heart Poem
My eyes looking upon you… melted and melted
My ears opening towards you…melted and melted
My heart pumping towards you…melted and melted
And has become chocolates…
The chocolates…melted and melted
and became the Love of Worldrens
As soon as the Love of Worldren touches Kang Chi’s tongue…
Worldren and Kang Chi become as ONE heart.

– By Worldren

During this period of strenuous practices and more challenges coming up in Saguek’s drama, we hope Seung Gi is able to get strength from tasting and enjoying this chocolates.

From Korean to English to Chinese to Japanese, it is dedicated to him as one like a Eastern and Western painting on a beautiful Hanji (Korean paper)~

We would like to thank you for all the love confession’s messages and that we are able to present to him 2 scrolls filled with messages~!

The second item is a brownie cake containing hopes for Gu Family Book and that the Gu Family Book will achieve great results.

On the brownie cake is the names of all Worldren who have left a sweet message for Seung Gi on the scroll.

Anticipating the best drama of the year 2013, everyone (korea and overseas) supporting and cheering as one! We hope this has been conveyed? hehe

Third…to share the joy of eating
Message on cookies + small brownies, in a box, accompanying with Lorina Sparkling drinks

Cookies and Drinks were prepared for Hook Entertainment’s family who have been working hard behind the scene.
Seung Gi, of course has a set too. ^^

Lastly, the limited edition of BVLGARI chocolate 2013 which is filled with plenty of Worldren’s deepest and sweet love. We feel it suits the theme, every chocolate is like a delicate and fine gem.

For Teacher Lee Sun Hee, Captain Hook, Lee Seo Jin and Hook Entertainment’s staff, we have prepared each a set of BVLGARI chocolate, message cookies, small brownies in a box and drinks.

We hope during Seung Gi’s break time, he will be able to enjoy his chocolate with the Worldren’s Sweet Heart Poem^^

Thank you for your participation for the valentine’s message event.
Let's look forward to the next event where we greet Seung Gi as an actor and singer!
Can you guess what events are coming up next? ^^
till then! Take care! Have lotsa Airen's fun! Thank you~~~

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