Wednesday, February 13, 2013

[Airen Activities] Lee Seung Gi's 5.5th (Mini) Album's Pre-Order (Round 2)

Hi Airens,

Happy Lunar New Year and Happy Valentine Day!

We hope you are having lotsa funs with the games posted on facebook, twitter and sent via email.
It seem that the year of water snake is bringing alot of rain and a nice cooling weather. Pls keep dry.

Those who have joined Airen5, are you able to access to Airen Zone?
Airen who have joined Airen5 through us, please do not hesitate to contact us if you are unable to access to Airen Zone. For Airens who have joined Airen5 on their own, you may email to enquire the status.

This spring, Seung Gi is going to greet us as an actor. With lots of anticipation of his new drama, we would like to do our best in sending him a good news before his drama starts and that is to report his limited edition 5.5th (mini) albums sold out. He definitely be delighted to hear this piece of news but this is only make possible if everyone plays a part. Together, we can achieve! ^^

As 이승기 Korea with World Airen (LSGKWA) has started early January, they have take this opportunity to do a round of pre-order for Seung Gi's 5.5th (mini) album, . We thought it will be good to join in too! Thus, together with Lee Seung Gi Japan and USAiren, we are doing our best together.

As a token of our appreciation, with each purchase of the mini album, a limited edition Lee Seung Gi's ballpoint pen will be given to you for free. We hope you can use the pen to write many loveletters to Seung Gi. ^^

Details as followed:

Lee Seung Gi's 5.5th (Mini) Album (Limited Edition Set)
1. Intro: Composer – Cha Se Jung (Epitone Project)
2. An Invitation For Me: Lyrics/Music by Cha Se Jung
3. Turning Back: Lyrics/Music by Cha Se Jung
4. Words of Love: Lyrics/Music by Lee Seung Gi
5. Forest: Lyrics/Music by Cha Se Jung
Set includes: CD (with 5 songs) + Seung Gi's Travel Essay book in Korean (100 pages) + Pen

Collection/Delivery Method: Self-Collection (No Postage Fee incurred) / Postage (to be advised)

Self-Collection in Singapore: Date and Time is not confirmed. It is likely to be a weekday evening and it will be at Central Area; Funan IT Mall or Wheellock Place.

(1) Price for Self-Collection in Singapore: SGD 42 (incl. shipping fee to Singapore and bank charge fee)
(2) Price for Postage in Singapore: Please email us at to enquire.

Please make a fund transfer to
POSB Savings Account - 060-84778-9
(Bank Code: 7171 and Branch: 081)
After you have made a fund transfer, it is important that you fill up the

Please fill up the payment verification form only AFTER you have successfully completed your payment transaction via Bank Transfer and have obtain a postage ID No. (For local postage delivery). This form is important as it allow staff to verify your payment and process your order. We strongly discourage duplicate submission of form. Should there be an error, email us. We will amend it at our back end. =)

For Overseas Airens who are interested to purchase, please click here

We look forward to your support! Thank you!

Pre-order close on 19 Feb 2013 (1159pm) *Extended 23 Feb 2013 (1159pm)*


List of Airens who have placed an order:

Do Thi Thanh x 1 (Payment verified)
YanNi x 1 (Payment verified)
Pin Pin x 2 (Payment verified)
Cynthia Chong x 1 (Payment verified)
Elizabeth Molina x 1 (Payment verified)
Teri Lim x 1 (Payment verified)
Shona Ho x 1 (Payment verified)
Sharifah Diyanah x 1 (Payment verified)
nomunomuchuwa LSG x 2 (Payment verified)
Anna Ang x 1 (Payment verified)

Total number of Qty: 12

Status: CD has arrived in Singapore on 11th March 2013. Collection of CD will be arrange. Please check email/sms regularly. Thanks.

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