Thursday, January 31, 2013

[Airen Activities] Happy Valentine's Day, Seung Gi!

Hi Airens,

How have you been? January passed us by quickly!
Lunar Chinese New year is around the corner! and Valentine's Day follows shortly!!
We just finished with Japan's show tickets and we are excited to inform you that we are working on Valentine's Day Project!

Together with Lee Seung Gi Korea with World Airen (LSGKWA), Lee Seung Gi Japan, USAirens, Lee Seung Gi Singapore will be doing a valentine day's project to express our love for Seung Gi. There will not be fund-raising for this project. All cost will be paid by LSGSG's staff.

You can participate to give to Seung Gi your special valentine's message.
We will be giving him a special item which have all the messages inside.
Please leave a your message by leaving a comment (The comment can be set as Secret) at the FreeBoard Post #476 in LSGKWA (

Write a short and simple message (e.g 'I love you' or something along that line).

@Message topic/subject: A Heartfelt message which would melt Seung Gi's heart
@Participation period: 31 January 2013 ~ 5 February 2013, 6pm (KST)
@Word limit: 30 characters/letters (max) -Write a short message 
Example: I will always love you. (17 characters/aphabets), When I am with u, I am happy. (20 characters/alphabets).

We welcome all messages irregardless of languages. 
Let's do this together! ^^
Note: We will not be accepting any message for Seung Gi via email/facebook/twitter. Please leave a comment at LSGKWA

We look forward in receiving your message. See you there!


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