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[Airen Activities] Lee Seung Gi LIVE Concert 2013 in Tokyo

Hi Airens,

Information about Lee Seung Gi LIVE Concert in Tokyo has been released.

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Lee Seung Gi Singapore will be assisting 2013 Official Fanclub Member (Airen5) in Singapore on the ticket purchasing. Lee Seung Gi's Official Fanclub (Airen5) managed by Hook will be also be collating orders on ticket purchase.
All applications will be submitted together and seating arrangements will be decided by Organiser. The seats will be allocated randomly.

Airen5 members are allowed to buy up to 4 tickets.
The accompanying parties must be an Airen5 members.
The seats are likely to be allocated together.

Lee Seung Gi Singapore - Purchase of Tickets
Please read carefully the terms and instructions below.

We are helping Official Fanclub Members (The 5th Airen) - Singapore Airens to purchase tickets for the concert and also providing support if needed. 

Requirements: Official Fanclub Members residing in Singapore and owned a POSB/DBS Bank Account

Lee Seung Gi LIVE Concert in Tokyo 2013 will be held:
Date: 7th October 2013 (Monday)
Time: 7pm (JST) starts [Doors open at 6pm (JST)]
Venue: Tokyo International Forum

The ticket price include estimated admin and bank charges and are converted from Japanese Yen to Singapore Dollars. Ticket Price: SGD150

Terms and Conditions

1. Singapore Airens are to make a fund transfer to Lee Seung Gi Singapore's bank account and fill up the verification form.
2. It is important that you read the note that is reflected on the right hand side of the form.
3. Please fill up all the fields.
4. Price have been converted from Japanese Yen to SGD.
5. No cancellation/refund/exchange of ticket.Once payment has been transferred, it is confirmed.
6. Price do not include accommodation and flight fee. Airens are to book their accommodation and flight on their own.
7. Seat allocation will be done by organiser.

8. Collection of the tickets - Airen5's booth at the venue on the day of event.
9. Lee Seung Gi Singapore is not responsible for bad seating or cancellation/re-modification of the event organised by the organiser.

10. Should there be any update regards to the event, we will update you via email.

Step 1: Please make a fund transfer to *deleted*

Step 2:  It is important to fill up the payment verification form (If there is any error, we will amend it at our backend, please DO NOT fill up another form) after you made the bank transfer:

Step 3: After verifying your payment and form, we will send you an email.

Details of collection of tickets will be sent via email.

We will not be accepting any payment or form after 16.04.2013, 1pm (KST). CLOSED

Thank you.


(1) What is the difference if I purchase my tickets through Official Website or Lee Seung Gi Singapore?

Ans: Lee Seung Gi Singapore will collate all the ticket orders and money and send over to Hook Entertainment. It help Singapore Airens to save on expensive bank charges. We will also provide support and assistance to your trip to Japan by emailing you some useful tips and information. There is no disadvantage on seating arrangement as it is not by payment order sequences.

List of Airens who will be attending the show:

Joyce.L (verified)

Norazida (verified)
Yuen Ling (verified)
Michelle.T (verified)
Jolene (verified)
Nadia (verified)
JJ uhm (verified)
Ris (verified)
Mei Ling (verified)
Ling.Y (verified)
Karen.D (verified)
Bibiana (verified)
Catherine (verified)
Queenie (verified)
Antron (verified)

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