Monday, December 17, 2012

[Important Notice] Lee Seung Gi Singapore's Update - Change of Logo‏

Ho~ Ho~ Ho~ Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year!

Are you ready for Christmas and 2013? Hope everyone have a great holidays and enjoyable time with your loved one.

2012 has been such a wonderful and great moments for us as Lee Seung Gi Singapore, working together as a team in supporting none other than our dear Prince Lee Seung Gi.
We were moved by many hearts and love by overwhelming encouragement from Airens towards us. We will not come this far without all your support, your trust, your faith and of course... your undying love for Lee Seung Gi!!!~

We will continue our momentum for yet another fruitful and fulfilling year. There will be more activities to look forward to. It will be another fun and exciting year! ^^

After Lee Seung Gi's Hope Concert in Seoul had end with a beautiful note, Lee Seung Gi Singapore had undergo some re-organisation and also re-affirmed certain areas.
We went through processes and look into areas of improvement. There were areas which we were lacking but we tried to do our best for you and for Seung Gi, going through many rounds of discussions and planning before executing it. :)
We, thank you for your patience and tolerance towards us and allowing us to grow and had showered us with so much love and understanding.

We were also honoured and grateful to have all the love and support that Airens from all over the world especially SeungSunLove(Korea), SeungSunLove (Japan) and USAiren have given to us.
It was a wonderful journey, working together and cheering for Seung Gi as a whole.
We are able to maximise the use of our limited resources to make great things happen with the help of your contributions and all the countries' fanclub staff effort, dedication and commitments towards the projects.

Moving forward, Lee Seung Gi Singapore will continue to cheer and support Seung Gi for everything he does, pursuing his passion and dreams in life. We hope you will be able to join us and give him many many encouragement and love.

Lee Seung Gi Singapore is moving toward a new phase.

Together with Korea, Japan and USA, it was decided we will be launching a new site.
Overseas airens will come together and do meaningful activities to cheer and support for Seung Gi.
Although the new site tap on a Korean server, but is not difficult to register. We are working on the system so that fans around the world can log in without difficulty. We will provide a guide to assist you to join the site.
Lee Seung Gi Singapore's Logo will be changed. SeungSunLove (Japan) will also be renamed as Lee Seung Gi Japan.
We will start using Lee Seung Gi Singapore's Logo (new) on Seung Gi's 27th birthday. Pls look forward to the event.
The operations of the current site, will still remain. All the support will be strengthen with greater effort.

Lee Seung Gi Singapore will be a part of Lee Seung Gi ~ World of Airens and we look forward to your continuous support and let's continue to cheer for Seung Gi in Singapore!

Should you have any enquiries, pls feel free to email us at

Thank you. :)

With Love,
nicoleko66 (on behalf of Lee Seung Gi Singapore's Staff Team)

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