Sunday, December 30, 2012

Thank you Airens for 2012!

Hi Airens,

We left 2 days to welcome a brand new year.
We would like to say thank you for all the support you have given to us for all the fan-events. We have alot of fun this year, don't you agree? Queuing at the Launch Event, singing his songs at Marina Square, meeting many singapore and overseas airens in Singapore and cheering out loud for him at his press conference...the list goes on and on.

Lee Seung Gi Singapore will continue to run this page and the other websites for 2013. We have improved on the site navigation. We will also be introducing you to a beautiful site which 4 countries' fan clubs come together to work on it.

Seung Gi's birthday project is in progress with a lot of love. Pls look forward to the birthday notice. :)

It has been raining almost everyday in Singapore. Hope Seung Gi's songs is bringing you a lot of love and warmth.

We will published our last event for the year on 31st Dec 2012.

We look forward to your continuous support to Lee Seung Gi Singapore as we welcome an exciting 2013.

Have a great year! Cheers!

P.S: If you have any suggestion for improvement or enquiries, please feel free to message us or email us at

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