Wednesday, December 12, 2012

[Airen Activities] Lee Seung Gi's 27th Birthday Project

Lee Seung Gi's Day! Happy 27th birthday!
Seung Gi will be turning 27 (Korean Age) on 13.01.2013.

Each year, Seung Gi's birthday reminds us how grateful we are to have know him. His songs, his drama, his warmth and loving personality accompanied us through moments in our life. As much as he wish the best for us, we hope he enjoys this very special day and every day with happiness and love. And because we appreciate him, we hope to be able to show our love and support and spend every birthday with him as Airens. =)

Lee Seung Gi Singapore is happy and excited to celebrate our Prince 27th Birthday by presenting him the following:

(a) Lee Seung Gi's Book (Birthday's Message Book)
(b) Flower Basket
(c) Birthday Cake
(d) Birthday Gifts (We are planning to give something which he like to have and may need.)

P.S: Items may subject to change without prior notice.


Your Birthday Message to Seung Gi - CLOSED

Click to write a birthday message to Seung Gi

(1) We are only accepting word messages.There are no restriction to any written language.
(2) You DO NOT need to contribute funds to the project to send in your birthday message. All messages for Seung Gi are welcome.

Deadline: 18 Dec 2012 (11.59pm)


Lee Seung Gi Singapore collect funds as and when needed for projects.

We welcome any amount. No obligation. =)

We look forward to your support. ^^
You may wish to make a fund transfer to DBS Savings Plus - 002-4-075573

After you have made a fund transfer, it is important for you to fill up a verification form so that we can keep a record and verify your money as soon as possible.

Click to fill up the Verification Form

List of Airens contributed to Project:
#01 chcmic $50 (verified)
#02 Ling2 $50 (verified)
#03 lovemarch $50 (verified)
#04 sashimiDou $80 (verified)
#05 Antron. $30 (verified)
#06 LYcrazy4LSG $30 (verified)
#07 Yennie $25 (verified)
#08 lsgfaneryi $50 (verified)
#09 Ladyoflove $70 (verified)
#10 sincere $270 (verified)
#11 ymesther $30 (verified)
#12 Airen_xiaoshu $30 (verified)
#13 carmenergy $30 (verified)
#14 Ash76 $30 (verified)
#15 Anrellia $20 (verified)
#16 Yuen Ling $135 (verified)
#17 Xllim $20 (verified)
#18 Judy $30 (verified)
#19 CK $30 (verified)
#20 KP Wong $30 (verified)
#21 Karen $50 (verified)
#22 iloveLSG $30 (verified)
#23 Sherlyn $30 (verified)
#24 mtdt $50 (verified)
#25 mummylovemighty $50 (verified)
#26 Mei Ling $30 (verified)
#27 Ning $50 (verified)
#28 Thanda $20 (verified)
#29 snowman $40 (verified)
#30 jjuhm $70 (verified)
#31 twinklelsg $50 (verified)
#32 sunby $100 (verified)

Total raised: $$1,660

Deadline for fund-raise: 19 Dec 2012 (11.59pm)


Lee Seung Gi Singapore is currently planning an Airen Gathering.

More updates to come after details finalise. =)


We look forward to your message and support.

Should you have any enquiries, pls email us at


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