Saturday, June 9, 2012

Lee Seung Gi: Happy 8th Debut Anniversary! (Project #2)

Hello Singapore Airens,

We were totally speechless with the overwhelming response received from our Airens. You guys gave us a lot of drive and inspiration to continue to do our best in executing projects for Lee Seung Gi.

Admins came up with the the theme of our Singapore video (Project #1) that suits our dear Lee Seung Gi's 8 prominent characters ~versatility, love, charm, commitment, charity, heodang, diligence and affection.
Thanks to our video/artwork and creative team. They had sleepless nights sourcing for relevant past 8 years' Lee Seung Gi's video cut, selecting suitable songs and designing matching pictures for some of your messages.

Our heartfelt thanks to you who have generously contributed funds for this project.
Through collaboration with Seungsunlove Cafe, special gifts and a message book were presented to Lee Seung Gi on 5th June 2012.

Hook tweeted a picture of him on his debut day.

Hook: "Lee Seung Gi sshi celebrated his 8th debut anniversary on June 5, 2012~ ^^ Because of so many people’s warm-hearted congratulations, he’s very grateful and wants to share his happiness with the fans~ Please always be with Lee Seung Gi sshi in the years ahead~!!" (Credit: )

He also mentioned "Singapore" in his thank you message posted on official website on 7 June 2012. (http://tryp96.wordpress/2012/06/07/12-06-07-from-seunggi/)

This is just the beginning.... As we continue our journey with Lee Seung Gi, there will be more fun and exciting activities coming up for you. Meanwhile, a very BIG thank you to all Airens for your continuous support and your undying love towards Lee Seung Gi. We now present you with the lovely pictures on the 8th Debut Anniversary Event (Project #2) - for your pleasant viewing. Enjoy,,,

8th Debut Anniversary Cake

All Gifts packed and presented on 5th June 2012.

Flower Frame

Vest and Tshirt (Beams)

Cap + Case



Hand-made Cuff links

The King 2heart's Album

Message book (Singapore Airens' messages is included)

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