Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Lee Seung Gi: Happy 8th Debut Anniversary! (Project #1)

Dear Airens,

Hi. Thank you for your 8th Debut messages! It is filled with love and support. 
Seung Gi will get to watch it. The link has been forwarded to Hook and Official Fanclub Committee. 
A CD has also been courier over to him with a card.  

That is definitely not all! 
Together with SeungSunLove Korea, SeungSunLove Japan and China Cafe, we will be presenting him gifts.
Thank you for the contributions of funds! Daebak, Singapore Airen!~ Daebak!!!

In times of despair, disappointment, joy, laughter and celebration...thank you for cheering and loving Lee Seung Gi~ 
Let's us continue to cheer and love him together! ^^

Keep Believing "Someday".... ^^
Singapore Airen, Fighting!!!

Presenting to you~ 
Lee Seung Gi Singapore's production!
Lee Seung Gi's 8th Debut Anniversary Video! 
Please enjoy! ^^ 

The screen that SeungGi will get to see when the he insert the DVD and it run.

The 8th Debut's Congratulatory Video that he will get to watch all Airen's messages.

When he open up the Gift Box
The Congratulations Card

The Congratulatory DVD + Card + Gift Box

We hope you like what we has done.
The teamwork was amazing!
We are thankful that the video was uploaded successfully after 3 tries! haha!

Last but not least, Happy Airen's day! ^^

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