Friday, June 15, 2012

[Airen Gathering] Lee Seung Gi Singapore Airens' Gathering

Hi Airens,

A poll has been conducted earlier on the preferred date that Airen wish to have a gathering.
Poll Results as followed:

The group has started off small and the number of airens have steadily increased after we got involved in many projects and make some public appearances on local medias. =x

Despite of our busy schedule, we felt there is a need to meet and have some time together.
It's time to get together and have a fun Seung Gi's day!
Be surprised you might not be the youngest or eldest in the group!
Be amazed by how each and everyone share our love and support for Seung Gi in different ways. (e.g. how you have spent time hiding all Seung Gi's merchandise at home because your husband or mum might make noise about it. hahaha. =x )

This is one of the activities we like to do for everyone.
The details as followed:

There will be a fee ($22) for the event as Lee Seung Gi Singapore does not hold an account maintaining Singapore Airens' funds. Lee Seung Gi Singapore will only collate funds when there are projects.

Please make a fund transfer to the following Bank Account or paypal account:
After you have made a transfer, it is important for you to fill up a verification form so that we can keep a record and verify your money immediately.
All submitted information will be kept confidential.

The Verification Form as followed: -deleted-
Airen who will be attending the event, we will update you again on the programme outline when is ready. The programme outlines is drafting and currently working in progress. There will be games, shows, music and Hi-Tea Reception. Please stay tune to our next post!

Deadline to accept the invitation: 25 June 2012 (1159pm)  (Extended) 2 July 2012

Airen who are attending:
LYcrazy4LSG (verified)
Sharifah (verified)
Karen Dawn Lim (verified)
Zoexan Ong (cancelled)
Jane Goh (verified)
Teo Yu Wei (verified)
Irene Lee (verified)
leeliang (verified)
Jolene Wai (verified)
Sherlyn Ye (verified)
Rose Liew (verified)
Antron Goh (verified)
xllim (verified)
Guanyi (verified-UOB)
Joan Tang (verified)
Chua YenJoe (verified-OCBC)
fishyseungseung (verified)
Elfyn Tan (verified)
Ng Shiyun (verified)
Ang Zhiyun (verified)
Jas GMK (verified)
Dreamygal (verified)
Cheryl Lee (verified)
Wenie (verified)
Jiamin (verified)
nicoleko66 (verified)
Cat (verified)

1) How to get there?
Ans: Please refer to map below.

Taking MRT? The Shortcut route to Venue!
Alight at Bukit Batok MRT Station, Enter West Mall.
Exit at Mos Burger's Entrance. Cross the Road and Look for Blk 625 (board).
Walk below the Blk 625's board and along it, you will see a main road.
Cross the traffic light and you will reach the side gate of the venue.
Take the lift up to Level 4, turn left. You will see a poster! =)

Transport information:
Bus Services:
BUS STOP (Bukit Batok West Ave 2) - 187, 188, 947, 985, 985W
BUS STOP (Bukit Batok Central) - 66, 157, 174, 173, 174E, 176, 178, 187, 941, 947, 985, 506, NR8

2) I owned a car. What is the carpark rates?
Ans: Parking Rates: (Non-member rate) $1.28 (8am -4.59pm) $2.14 (5pm - 7.59am)

3) I think I need to bring kids along with me.
Ans: We understand your concern. Please email us at

4) Will I be playing some water games? Need to bring extra clothings?
Ans: No. Haha! We understand the hassle of bringing all the items. You will be dry in our hands. ^^

5) I miss the closing date to join the event. Can I still join?
As far as possible we will try to accomodate all participants. The invitation is open till 2nd July 2012 (11.59pm). If you miss the enrolment, you will need to email us to enquire.

6) Will I be getting any SeungGi's items?
Yes. Games prizes!
7) Will you brief us on Lee Seung Gi's fan-meeting in Singapore?
As Lee Seung Gi's Airen and also representing Singapore Fanclub, we respect Faith & D Entertainment, in any circumstances pertaining to their instructions. We are working closely with them in a professional way and not rushing things causing them inconveniences (though we are eager to get information and meet the Prince). Once we got plans finalised, we will definitely share on how you can support the event. =)

8) Is Seung Gi attending the event?
We really wish! hahahaha~ but no..he is not coming. It will be fun afternoon filled with him ^^

FAQ will be updated regularly.

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