Monday, January 11, 2021

[Airen Activities] Lee Seung Gi Birthday Support 2021

Hi Singapore Airen,  

Thank you all for coming together to support Lee Seung Gi 7th Album! Self-collection (1st round) has been completed. We are delighted to be able to meet up everyone and that you have continued to cheer for Seung Gi passionately in Singapore. 

For Airen who have opted for postage and also choose for more dates on self-collection, we will continue to work on it this week. 

Lee Seung Gi Birthday is days away. With your support from the Year-end merchandises which is currently in production and only be available for collection end of this month or early Feb, LSG Singapore will be joining the Fan Union support together with the rest of the other fan community including LSGKWA to deliver a birthday cake and flower basket. With the confirmation from Fan Union on their plan last week, LSGKWA had a last-minute, quick discussion with everyone and decided to proceed with putting up birthday support to gather funds for birthday gifts and should there be any remaining funds left for this event, it will be used for Valentine Day Support. We hope through this event, Seung Gi continues to feel the love from everyone in Singapore as we continue to cheer for him wherever we are. 

Lee Seung Gi Singapore does not have an account which maintains its own fund.
We collect funds as and when funds are needed for support projects.
We welcome any amount of contribution. No obligation. =) 

Please make a fund transfer via a bank to POSB Bank - Saving Account No. 060-84778-9 or (For Whatsapp Broadcast Group member/Line Group member) Paylah! or Paynow to the number or little berry. 

After you have made a transfer, it is important for you to fill up the Contribution Verification Form so that we can keep a record and verify your money immediately.

Closing Date: 12 January, 12pm (Singapore Time)

From Singapore Airen

Thank you all for the love and support of Seung Gi! Stay safe & let's look forward to our next meetup again!

List of Singapore Airen who supports the event
4791 - $100
2802 - $100
1997 - $100
2003 - $100
1007 - $20
3511 - $150
1229 - $50
2710 - $50
2502 - $100
1825 - $20
8163 - $388
8234 - $50
9850 - $50
6186 - $35
0822 - $50
2821 - $20

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