Wednesday, December 16, 2020

[Airen Activities] Lee Seung Gi 7th Music Album, The Project Pre-Order #2

Hi Singapore Airen! 

Thank you for the amazing support for Pre-order #1. Singapore Airen has purchased 160 albums in total. Despite all the challenges, whether is a group purchase through us or your individual purchase via the Fan Union's URL or iTunes, thank you so much! 

Due to overwhelming requests from Airen of wanting to purchase more 7th Album or may have overlooked on the closing date, we are opening the 2nd round of pre-order. The 7th Album stocks are running low so do grab it fast before it gets sold out!

Lee Seung Gi Singapore will be collating 2nd pre-order for Lee Seung Gi fans residing in Singapore. The 7th album will be purchased directly from Korea and it will ship to Singapore. MOST IMPORTANTLY! Your purchase will help in the album sale ranking for Seung Gi's new album as it will contribute to important music charts. 

Album Information

Lee Seung Gi's 7th Album (The Project)

1. 뻔한 남자 The Ordinary Man 
2*. 사랑 LOVE 
3*. 꽃처럼 Like A Flower 
4. 너의 눈, 너의 손, 너의 입술 Your Eyes, Hands and Lips 
5. 잘할게 I Will *Title Song 
6. 소년, 길을 걷다 The Dreamers Dream 
7*. 널 웃게 할 노래 A Song to Make You Smile 
8*. 사랑이 맴돈다 Love Spinning Round 
9*. 사랑한다는 말 Words That Say I Love You
*Remastered songs from previous music albums. 

Set include: CD (with 9 songs) + Poster + 3 Random Photocard  

For 2nd Pre-order, there will be NO bonus photocard from Fan Union. LSGSG will throw in limited edition surprise gift (while stock lasts - first come first serve) 

Bonus Add-on
To thank you for your support, Singapore Airen who purchased albums or donate albums for 2nd pre-order will be eligible to enter into a lucky draw! Prize: Autograph Photocard (Qty: Undecided depends on Seung Gi's hands, Photocard pictures depends on what picture he want to sign on!)

Singapore Airen will be given two options; Purchase or Purchase to Donate 
Purchase Price: SGD26 (If you purchase from Fan Union Ktown4U URL, it will be SGD 33+ each) Purchase to Donate Price: SGD16* 

*There will be no shipping, albums donated will be used for support events. 

Why purchase from LSGSG instead of Music Record's sites like Ktown4U, Gmarket? 
1. You save on shipping cost. Singapore Airen will share the cost of expensive shipping cost equally. 
2. Your purchase will be counted into the important music charts for album sale. 
3. Limited edition Surprise Thank you gift from LSGSG (while stock lasts)

(1) The sum is inclusive of an estimation of bank charges and shipping cost from Korea to Singapore. Should the shipping cost be more than what was projected, we would request for a top-up.
(2) Based on your form input, we will place an order accordingly. Without form submission, your order will be invalid even if the amount is transferred. 
(3) No refund, cancellation or change of order after payment has been made. 
(4) Please note that Lee Seung Gi Singapore is not liable for album production, manufacturing and delivery process and schedule. 
(5) The sum above is strictly for self-collection in Singapore. Should you need local postage, please email us at to enquire on postage cost before placing order. 

Please make a fund transfer via a bank to POSB Bank - Saving Account No. 060-84778-9 or Paylah!/Paynow Little Berry (Line Group) 

After fund transfer has been made, please fill out the form immediately so that we can verify your order and payment. An email with an Order No. will be sent via email for your reference. 

For overseas worldren who is interested in placing a pre-order, please find out more on Official Website Freeboard's notice. 

Closing date for this pre-order will be 25th December 2020, 6pm (Singapore Time) - Do note that the pre-order activity may close earlier than stated should the album sold out.

Total number of albums Singapore Airen purchased for 7th Album is 20 copies 

Current Status: Pending Shipment Notification. (Slightly delayed as they need to do a restock)

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