Friday, August 2, 2013

[Airen Activities] To Seung Gi: The Brilliant Show in Singapore #1

Hi Singapore Airen,

Are you counting down already?
The Brilliant Show in Singapore will be held on 7 Sep!
We would like to kick start our 1st activity in preparation for Seung Gi's arrival!

Message for Seung Gi - From Airen in Singapore
We understand there are Singapore Airen who did not went to the Ticket Launch.
We would like to collate your message for Seung Gi so that we can work on it.
As all the messages are hand-written by Airen, we would love to receive your hand-written copy too!

 photo 0092.jpg

Simply download the app, Bamboo Paper (it is available on ipad and android)
Write your message and save it as a jpeg.
Send the picture message to us at (Subject Title: Speed Message for Seung Gi 2013)

You can start sending your message from now till 9 August 2013.

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