Saturday, August 3, 2013

[Airen Activities] The Brilliant Show in Singapore Projects

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Hi Airen,

Last year August, Singapore Airens' dream came true! Thanks to Faith & D, we greeted Seung Gi at our very own Singapore Changi Airport and have a special evening with him at the Press Conference at Marina Square shopping centre. We had an unforgettable night with him at Kallang Theatre. Are all the memories coming back again after mentioning? ^^

Because of your overwhelming support, passion and love for him, Seung Gi decided to make a trip back to Singapore!! Have you gotten your tickets to see him on 7 Sep at Resorts World Sentosa, Festive Grand? Are you all ready to welcome him? Seung Gi remembered the passionate Singapore Airen here and he said he hope that we can continue to welcome him with lots of energy. Other than the chilli and pepper crab that he will be enjoying, we certainly also hope to create new and more beautiful memories for him during his stay in Singapore.

We would like to kick-start our MAJOR event of the whole year, raising funds for the upcoming fan-meeting on 7 September 2013. Below are some of the proposed plan:

- Welcome Banner
- Flower Stand
- Snacks and Meals for Seung Gi and Hook's team
- Singapore Airen Message Book
- Seung Gi and Hook's Gifts

Depending on the amount of funds raised, it may subject to change without prior notice. We hope to be able to fulfil all of the above without having to do away with any. With your contribution, we hope to be able to support the Singapore event, making it a success and a memorable one for Seung Gi and Hook just like what we did last year.

Lee Seung Gi Singapore do not have an account that maintain its own fund. We collect funds as and when needed for projects. Please fill up this form after transfer has been made.

Please make a fund transfer to the following Bank Account/Paypal:
DBS Bank - Saving Plus Account No. 017-0-100391
Paypal Account -
Western Union - Please email us at for details.
 After you have made a transfer, it is important for you to fill up a verification form so that we can keep a record and verify your money immediately.
Your nickname and amount will be reflected on the website.
The Verification Form as followed: Click Here
Deadline for funds transfer: 1 Sep 2013 (11.59pm)

Should you have any enquiries, pls email us at
From the bottom of our hearts.... A million thanks for making this important event a success!
Singapore Airens.... FIGHTING!!!

P.S: Lee Seung Gi Singapore Staff and Lee Seung Gi Korea with World Airen Staff will be giving all contributors a token of our appreciation who support the project. We hope everyone would be able to participate and look forward to the great event. Thank you :)


List of Airens who have contributed:

strawberrylove - $1000.00 (verified)
Mmeshah - $1000.00 (verified)
jojolsg - $900.00 (verified)
sincere - $800.00 (verified)
Singar77 - $500.00 (verified)
carrotjuice - $300.00 (verified)
JJ - $240.00 (verified)
Sashimidou - $200 (verified)
jenpeifen - $200.00  (verified)
Alice Chan yh - S$200.00 (verified)
Sotong - $150.00 (verified)
lsghhjfan1 - $138.00 (verified)
chcmic - $120.00 (verified)

Thanda - $100 (verified)
Maisy - S$100 (verified)
eryiLUV - $100 (verified)
Janicia Lim - $100 (verified)
Yim Mun Hye - $100 (verified)
apple pie - $100 (verified)
Lj - $100 (verified)
Feng Yueh - $100 (verified)

Elaine L - $80 (verified)
Mummylovemighty - $60 (verified)
snowy - S$55 (verified)
antron - $50 (verified)
LYcrazy4LSG - $50 (verified)
Anna Ang - $50 (verified)
Sharon Tai - $50 (verified)
heodangseunggi - $50 (verified)
Twinklelsg - $50 (verified)
Airen4ever - $50 (verified)
Jane - S$50 (verified)
Ms. Cool - $50 (verified)
abricots - S$50 (verified)
iloveLSG - S$50 (verified)
Mttan - S$50 (verified)
LC - S$50 (verified)
leeliang - $50 (verified)
ymesther - $50 (verified)
KarenD - $50 (verified)
Airen_xiaoshu - $50 (verified)
happyger - S$50 (verified)

Yannie - $35 (verified)
Anrellia - $30 (verified)
LoveSG - $30 (verified)
Larissa - $25 (verified)
fanaticgal - S$25 (verified)
luvyoo - S$25 (verified)
Mich Kho - $30 (verified)
Carol Wong - S$20 (verified)

Dudu (Paypal) - USD100 (verified)
coniek8888 (Paypal) - SGD50 (verified)
evie1580 (Paypal) - AUD50 (verified)