Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Lee Seung Gi: Happy 9th Debut Anniversary!

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How was your day? A late night post from us to bring smile to you on a brand new day!
Seung Gi's 9th Debut Anniversary ended with a heart-warming tweet from Hook Entertainment.

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While busy filming the drama, Lee Seung Gi sshi urgently sent a 9th-debut-anniversary commemorative photo taken during the day along with a ment~
From Seung Gi: "Being able to stay on the filming set like this even today, I would like to share the joy with Airens who are always so generous with their great love and support ^^ "
(Translated by

Seung Gi also left a message at the Japan Official Website.
There is a picture which we are not allow to repost. Do visit it here:

From Seung Gi: "I am late as I tried to celebrate in this form which I have transformed into on my 9th Debut Anniversary. Thank you for your unchanging love always."
(Translated by Lee Seung Gi Singapore)

Thank you for participating in the 9TH Debut games. We hope you have fun!
Congratulations to all the winners! We will send out a separate email on prize collection.
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We would like to share some of the entries with you which have given us goosebumps while reading them. We hope you enjoy reading them too!

This entry is from a singapore airen (student)

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This entry is from Singapore Airen (working adult)
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We hope you have visited Lee Seung Gi Korea with World Airen where we shared:

'Kang Chi, the Beginning' Gift Event - English translations will be up shortly.

'Kang Chi, the Beginning' Meal Event (#1)

'Kang Chi, the Beginning' Choi Kang Chi's pictures!

9TH Debut Anniversary Videos (where you send us your pictures for Words of Love)

Please look forward to 9TH Debut Anniversary Event which will be taking place soon.

P.S: Collection of Kang Chi's umbrella, TAIFC's stickers and 'Kang Chi, the Beginning' souvenirs will be today. See you later!

Thank you.

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