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[Airen Activities] Lee Seung Gi's 5.5th (Mini) Album 2012 Pre-Order *CLOSED*

Hi Airens,

We hope you have enjoyed Seung Gi's Asia fan-meeting tour.
Through his Asia's tour, we believe he has got to know more about each country's culture, food and entertainment industry. Let's look forward to his Seoul Concert where we re-unite as Lee Seung Gi Airens!

He revealed about his upcoming Mini album which will be releasing soon.
Are you ready to grab the album? This special early Christmas present that he prepared for us will definitely once again touch our heart, heal our soul. Don't you agree? ^^

We have been preparing for quite awhile as we wish to extend our fullest support to this event and now we are now ready to kick start the launch of pre-order in Singapore!
We are collating pre-order for Seung Gi's 5.5th (Mini) album - Forest (limited edition) which will be release on 22nd November 2012.

Details as followed:

Lee Seung Gi's 5.5th (Mini) Album (Limited Edition Set)

1. Intro: Composer – Cha Se Jung (Epitone Project)
2. An Invitation For Me: Lyrics/Music by Cha Se Jung
3. Turning Back: Lyrics/Music by Cha Se Jung
4. Words of Love: Lyrics/Music by Lee Seung Gi
5. Forest: Lyrics/Music by Cha Se Jung

Set includes: CD (with 5 songs) + Seung Gi's Travel Essay book in Korean (100 pages) + Poster

Collection/Delivery Method: Self-Collection (No Postage Fee incurred) / Postage (to be advised)

Self-Collection in Singapore: Date and Time is not confirmed. It will be after Hope Concert 2012. It is likely to be a weekday evening and it will be at Central Area; Funan IT Mall or Wheellock Place.

(1) Price for Self-Collection in Singapore: SGD 42 (incl. shipping fee to Singapore and bank charge fee)
(2) Price for Self-Collection in Seoul on 1st and 2nd Dec: SGD 38 (does not incl. TT Fee. Overseas Airen to bear all bank fee for Telegraphic Transfer.)

(3) Price for Postage in Singapore: Please email us at to enquire.
(4) Price for Postage in Overseas: Please email us at to enquire.
Price has been converted from Korean Won to Singapore Dollars.

Self - Collection Date/Time/Venue: Singapore(Date: TBA) / Seoul (1st Dec and 2nd Dec).

Postage: For Airens who wish to have their Mini Album Set mail to a Singapore Address, please email us at to enquire. Overseas orders are welcome, however, please note that the price quoted above does not include overseas postage fee and the telegraphic transfer fee. We will address your postage fee and bank charges separately, thus, please email us at before placing order.

Please note that the Mini Album Set is purchase directly from Korea and deliver to Singapore. AND...

Your purchase will help in the album sale ranking for Seung Gi's new album as it will contribute to hanteo which will be taken into accounts when tabulating the chart.

On behalf of SeungSunLove, Lee Seung Gi Singapore would like to thank you for your support to the Seung Gi's 5.5 Mini Album Pre-Order. For every mini album set ordered, you will receive a radiation protector sticker.

Please fill up the form only AFTER you have successfully completed your payment transaction via Bank Transfer and have obtain a postage ID No. (For local and oversea delivery). This form is important as it allow staff to verify your payment and process your order. We strongly discourage duplicate submission of form. Should there be an error, email us. We will amend it at our back end. =)

Please make a fund transfer to
POSB Savings Account - 060-84778-9
(Bank Code: 7171 and Branch: 081)
After you have made a fund transfer, it is important that you fill up the
Payment Verification Form

An email with an Order No. will be sent via email to you so to inform you that we have received your money and process the order!

No refund or cancellation is allowed after payment has been made.

Should you have any further enquiries, pls feel free to email us at

Pre-Order Closing date: 16th November 2012 (11.59pm) *CLOSED*

Lee Seung Gi's 5.5 (Mini) Signed Album!

In congratulating Lee Seung Gi Singapore 1st birthday, we are delighted to inform that we will be giving away 2 Autograph Mini Album Set! Yes! You didn't see it wrongly. Seung Gi will sign on 2 Mini Album Set! What are the criteria to get it?

1st Signed Album
(Singapore Airens Only) The HIGHEST quantity which placed an order with us.

2nd Signed Album
(For All Airens - Singapore and Overseas)
It will be a lucky draw. All name will be verify and drop into the lucky draw box.
Note: 1 album = 1 chance, 3 album = 2 chance, 6 or more album = 3 chance (capped).

P.S: We are experiencing HIGH volume of orders. We are sorry for the delay in replying your email. Lee Seung Gi Singapore's Staff are in FULL force in supporting a lot of activities running behind scene. We seek your understanding. =)

We look forward to your support! Thank you!


List of Airens who have placed an order:

Collection in Seoul
Judith Lam - Verified
Jessie Chew - Verified (2 Mini Albums)
Sook Yee - Verified
Soo Chin - Verified
Ris - Verified
Jess - Verified
Anisa - Verified
Antron (ATM) - Verified
Ling Yeo - Verified
Carmen - Verified
Sharifah Nur - Verified
Joyce Lee - Verified
April See - Verified
Irene Lee - Verified
Wenni (ATM) - Verified
CK - Verified (3 Mini Albums)
Shikin - Verified
Nicole - Verified
Michelle Teo - Verified
Luciana Benjamin - Verified
Judy Lim (ATM) - Verified (2 Mini Albums)
Karen Dawn (ATM) - Verified
Mmeshah - Verified (6 Mini Albums)
Rose - Verified (3 Mini Albums)
Ay - Verified
Rachel Ng - Verified
Gao Gao - Verified
Peppermint - Verified
Cat.L - Verified
Boo Jia Min - Verified
Sherlyn Ye - Verified
Soh Mei Ling - Verified
Yuen Ling - Verified
Jolene Wai (UOB) - Verified
Queenie Ng (ATM) - Verified
Fen Ni (ATM) - Verified

Total number of 5.5th Albums: 46

The Collection of your Lee Seung Gi's 5.5th Album in Seoul as followed:

Print the email which enclosed a copy of your Order Form with a order number.

Date: 1st December 2012 (Saturday)
Time: 4.30pm - 5.30pm
Venue: Singapore Rice Wreath (Concert Venue)

LSGSG's staff will be there to direct you to the collection point.

Note: For Airens who fail to collect it, pls note that additional that shipping fee to Singapore will  be charge.

Question: I did not print my payment confirmation email. What should I do? / I am very forgetful. I am worried that I will forget to bring the payment confirmation email.
Answer: Please email us your Full Name at
Present any card/identification proof which have your Full Name reflected on it. Once verification complete, we will hand the mini album to you.

Question: I am worried that I am not able to find LSGSG's staff when I am at Olympic Park (Seoul).
Answer: Please contact LSGSG's staff. (Please refer to email for contact numbers.)
Question: Does the poster comes with poster tube?
Answer: We are unable to confirm now. Pls be prepared it may not come with it.

Question: I want to know if I am the lucky one to walk away with Seung Gi's signed CD.
Answer: Lucky draw for the signed CD will take place after we return from Seoul. The date of lucky draw will be sent via email.

Should you have any enquiries, please feel free to email us at
Should there be any changes to the meetup, we will email again.

Staff In-charge: Yuenling

Self-Collection in Singapore
Wang Hao - Verified
Jessie Tan - Verified
Mimi (ATM) - Verified
Yuen Ling - Verified (12 Mini Albums)
Sharifah Diyanah (ATM) - Verified
Shireen - Verified
Adelia - Verified
Yuling - Verified (2 Mini Albums)
Yixin - Verified
Kim Foon (ATM) - Verified
Yanni (ATM) - Verified
Kim Bao (ATM) - Verified
Pin Pin - Verified)
Joanne Lee (ATM) - Verified
Norazida Johar (ATM) - Verified
Mic Chai (ATM) - Verified (2 Mini Albums)
Kathleen Yip (ATM) - Verified
Lilybeth Sison (ATM) - Verified
Janet Chew (ATM) - Verified
Carol Wong - Verified
Lay Choo (ATM) - Verified (6 Mini Albums)
Jane Chong - Verified
Shiyun (ATM) - Verified (2 Mini Albums)
Lyn Suppiah (ATM) - Verified
MM Han - Verified
Cynthia Chong (ATM) - Verified (3 Mini Albums)
Mona Leo - Verified
Alisha Airen - Verified
Miao Hui - Verified
Elizabeth Molina - Verified
Evelyn Low - Verified
Jolyn Wee - Verified
Amanda.S - Verified
Wahedan Manap - Verified
Anna Li - Verified
Devina Darwin - Verified
Bibiana Soh - Verified
Jamie Wee - Verified
Soh Jen Ling - Verified
Janice Neo - Verified
Jasni Aszeman - Verified
Brenda Quek - Verified
Wendy Tan (UOB) - Verified (2 Mini Albums)
Wink Leong (ATM) - Verified
Michelle W I Lim (ATM) - Verified
Arfah Yusof (ATM) - Verified
Lily Oey - Verified
Betty Yeo - Verified
Maureen Teo - Verified
Tay Beng See - Verified (2 Mini Albums)
Ling Ling - Verified
Chua YenJoe (OCBC) - Verified
Ng Pui Lynn (Standard Chartered Bank) - Verified

Total number of 5.5th Albums: 76

Local Postage (Registered Mail)
Jamie Yeow - Verified (Post on 12.12.12)
Joy Ng - Verified (Post on 12.12.12)
Nadia Lye - Verified (Post on 12.12.12)
Norsiah - Verified (2 Mini Albums) (Post on 13.12.12)
Li Lian - Verified (Post on 13.12.12)
SH Ng - Verified (Post on 14.12.12)
Dominique Khoo - Verified (Post on 14.12.12)
Monica Zhou - Verified (Post on 14.12.12)
Christy Chen - Verified (Post on 14.12.12)
Tjhiu Hun - Verified (Post on 14.12.12)
Wendy Wong - Verified (Pending Address)

Total number of 5.5th Albums: 12

Overseas Postage (Registered Mail)
Serene Liu (Brunei) - Verified (Post on 13.12.12)

Total number of 5.5th Albums: 1

Total number of 5.5th Album pre-ordered:
136 copies

Thank you, Airens!

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