Tuesday, October 23, 2012

[Airen Activities] Lee Seung Gi SeungSunLove's Lightstick Pre-Order

Hi Singapore Airens,

Earlier, we have opened a pre-order for Singapore Airens' Database Members to place their order for Official Fanclub Lightstick. Despite of the short notice, we have received many orders. Thank you for your support!

Lee Seung Gi Singapore is proud to present you, SeungSunLove ♡ Lightstick 2012~
With many enquiries from email and phone, SeungSunLove have decided to do a lightstick for this year concert. The design inspirations came from SeungSunLove (Korea)'s staff who visited Singapore in August. Curious to know what she saw and found in Singapore that she came up with this design? Answer will be reveal to you when you collect the lightstick! hehehe~

Measurement of Lightstick: 25.5cm x 3cm (Please see above picture.)
Cost of Lightstick: SGD11 (inclusive an estimated TT fee)
Note: The lightstick comes with a lovely bag which you can protect it from rain and sun and a hand-warmer (read below) which keeps you warm in Seoul.

Please make a fund transfer to
DBS Savings Plus - 048-2-017038 (Bank Code: 7171 and Branch: 048)
After you have made a fund transfer, it is important that you fill up the
Payment Verification Form

Closing Date: 27th October 2012 (1159pm)
Please note that we will not be accepting any payment after 12am.

Please note that there will be NO REFUND or CANCELLATION for order.

*Updated Notice*
Thank you for your pre-order for SeungSunLove's lightsticks! In showing our gratitude, SeungSunLove have decided to add one more item - Just for you with no additional cost! A hand-warmer! Seoul is gonna be very cold in December and you will probably be going to the concert venue early and spend few hours grabbing merchandises, collecting tickets, taking pictures. This hand warmer keeps you warm!

The hand-warmer will come together with the SeungSunLove's lightstick and bag.

Measurement of hand-warmer pack: Dimension: 90mm * 110mm

Instructions on how to use: 
Once you break the chip in the pack, it will turn white and hardened, and heat will be generated. You can re-use the pack by wrapping it with a towel and boil for about 5 minutes till it fully transparent.

The duration of how long the hand warmer could last depends on the temperature of the environment. It can be 20-40 minutes or less.

When you are in a cold environment, the hand-warmer loses its heat quickly, so leave it in your pocket to maintain its warmth.

The video is just an illustration on how to use.

1) Please do not throw it towards people or animals.
2) Please do not eat or put it in your mouth.
3) Please be careful that the pack may burst under excessive force. If the contents in the pack spill onto your hands or clothes, please wash them thoroughly.
4) It may cause burn if the pack is place at a specific area for a long time.


List of Airens purchased SeungSunLove ♡ Lightstick 2012:
Collect in Seoul
YuenLing x 1 (verified)
Shah x 1 (verified)
Queenie x 1 (verified)
Jolene x 1 (verified)
Rose x 1 (verified)
Cat x 2 (verified)
nicoleko66 x 2 (verified)
koalab3 x 2 (verified)
Anisa x 2 (verified)
Mimi x 2 (verified)
CK x 2 (verified)
Soo Chin x 3 (verified)
Sook Yee x 1 (verified)
Sharifah x 1 (verified)
Sherlyn x 1 (verified)
Wenni x 1 (verified)
Jessie Chew x 1 (verified)
KP Wong x 1 (verified)
Karen Dawn x 1 (verified)
Judy x 1 (verified)
Mei Ling x 1 (verified)
Hui Huan x 1 (verified)
Irene Lee x 1 (verified)
Rahfidah x 1 (verified)

Collect it in Singapore after Hope Concert 2012
Brenda x 1 (verified)
Judith x 1 (verified)
Ling Yeo x 1 (verified)
Cindy Ang x 2 (verified)
Wang Hao x 1 (verified)
Janet Chew x 1 (verified)
Pin Pin x 1 (verified)
Shiyun x 1 (verified)
Sharifah x 1 (verified)
Jane x 1 (verified)

Total SeungSunLove ♡ Lightstick 2012: 43

List of Airens purchased Official Fanclub Lightstick 2012:
Acrylic Lightstick
Collect in Seoul
Cat x 1 (verified)
nicoleko66 x 1 (verified)
Shah x 1 (verified)
Jolene x 1 (verified)
Rose x 1 (verified)
Queenie x 1 (verified)
Sook Yee x 1 (verified)
Carmen Cha x 1 (verified)
Mei Ling x 1 (verified)
Karen x 1 (verified)
Wenni x 1 (verified)
Joyce x 1 (verified)
Antron x 1 (verified)
Judy x 1 (verified)
CK x 1 (verified)
Sharon x 1 (verified)
Sherlyn x 1 (verified)
April x 1 (verified)

Collect in Singapore after Hope Concert 2012
Brenda x 1 (verified)
Adelia x 1 (verified)
Mic Chai x 1 (verified)
Ling Yeo x 1 (verified)

Total Acrylic Lightstick: 22

LED Lightstick
Collect in Seoul
Shah x 1 (verified)
Carmen x 1 (verified)
Yuenling x 1 (verified)
Mei Ling x 1 (verified)
Wenni x 1 (verified)
Antron x 1 (verified)
Jessie x 1 (verified)
Judy x 1 (verified)
Soo Chin x 4 (verified)
Dolly x 2 (verified)
Rahfidah x 1 (verified)
April x 1 (verified)

Collect in Singapore after Hope Concert 2012
Elizabeth x 1 (verified)

Total LED Lighstick: 17

Note: Pre-Order of Official Fanclub Lightstick 2012 is only open to Lee Seung Gi Singapore Airens' Database Members. The pre-order is closed on 23 October 2012, 8am.

Collection of Lightsticks:
Distribution of Lightsticks will be done in Seoul for Singapore Airens who are attending the Hope Concert 2012 on 1st and 2nd December 2012.

For Singapore Airens who are not attending the concert, we will arrange for a collection in Singapore.
A date, time and venue will be inform via email after we return to Singapore from Lee Seung Gi Hope Concert 2012 in Seoul.

Should you have any enquiries, please feel free to email us at lsg_sgevents@live.com

Many Thanks!

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