Friday, May 25, 2012

Lee Seung Gi: The King 2hearts Projects Summary

Hi Airen, we have received the signature cards last week which comes along with some SURPRISE (souvenirs from the event).

We have based on the available qty and had distribute evenly with all the contributors.

All contributors for TK2H's event will be receiving a classy TK2H's Hp sticker.
With an average contribution of $39 and above, contributors will get a Lee Jae Ha's Poster!
The top 3 contributors to the event will get a Aha Couple's poster!

Thank you once again for supporting the event.
We will email you soon on the date and time of collection. :)

Below is the Thank you video that was posted on SeungSunLove (Korea) and (Japan).

Thank you all for the messages submission! Enjoy the video~

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