Thursday, May 17, 2012

[Airen Activities] Lee Seung Gi's 8th Debut Anniversary!

After receiving the first autograph by our dear "King Jae Ha"... our excitement "to get close" and expose our group to Lee Seung Gi has definitely increased our momentum. 
We would love Lee Seung Gi to know that Singapore Airen will not be left out for any activities that evolves him... EVERYDAY!!!

[IMPORTANT] Before we start, we would like to take the chance to inform all airen who have donated for TK2H's project 1 and 2 earlier, we will be giving you a small TK2H's souvenir to thank you for your support. A separate email will be send to inform you on the collection. :)

Are we all ready to celebrate his 8th year debut??? Ah...Ha... Yes!!! his 8th debut is just around the corner (5th June, to be exact). 

To celebrate and to continuously show our support to Lee Seung Gi, we have lined up the following projects for your participation: 

1) Project #1 - Video Message - LSG Singapore
We will be doing a short video with each airen contributing up to 5 sentences for your wishes on his 8th Debut. 
Once video is done, we will courier our DVD to HOOK Entertainment directly. 
Deadline for submission: 21 May 2012 (not later than 8pm) *CLOSED*

2) Project #2 - Message Book - collaborating with SeungSunLove Japan.
We appreciate one paragraph and less than a full page size or a picture message of landscape (pls make sure resolution is clear). 
These messages will be printed in a book. 
Deadline for submission:  21 May 2012 (not later than 8pm) *CLOSED*

3) Project #2 - Gifts - collaborating with SeungSunLove Cafe (Korea)
We will be re-opening the funds collection exercise for this activity. 
There is no obligation, any amount is welcome. 
We are not able to advise on the type of gifts they are preparing but rest assured that everyone is working very hard to make this happen! We truly believe is the thought that counts. :)

List of Airen who contributed: LSG 8th Debut Celebration
leeliang - SGD20.00 (verified)
yulinged - SGD3.00 + SGD10.00 (verified)
Bear - SGD35.00 (verified)
CottonYe - SGD30.00 (verified)
Crazy4LSG - SGD15.00 (verified)
Rac - SGD10.00 (verified)
ymesther - SGD20.00 (verified)
chcmic - SGD20.00 (verified)
poppiggy - SGD10.00 (verified)
Cuppy - SGD10.00 (verified)
Peppermint - SGD100.00 (verified)
Anrellia - SGD10.00 (verified)
Rin - SGD30.00 (verified)
Kimchi - SGD40.00 (verified)
AL - SGD80.00 (verified) 
Irene - SGD20.00 (verified)
bai - SGD20.00 (verified)
Dawn - SGD10.00 (verified)
nomuchuwa LSG - SGD51.40 + 1.60 (verified)
airen87 - SGD51.40 + 1.60 (verified)
lovedaewoong - SGD53 (verified)
Ms Cool - SGD53 (verified)
applepie - SGD53 (verified)

Total funds collected: SGD493 + SGD265 = SGD758

Money sent to SeungSunLove(Japan) Representative on 24 May 2012, 330pm.

Please make a fund transfer to the following Bank Account:
POSB Bank - Saving Account No. 060-84778-9
After you have made a transfer, it is important for you to fill up a verification form so that we can keep a record and verify your money immediately.
All information will be kept confidential.

The Verification Form as followed:

Deadline for funds transfer:  22 May 2012 (11.59pm) *CLOSED*

We sincerely SALUTE our Singapore Airens for the assistance, support, passion and contribution that you have extended to us.

Without each and everyone's contribution, we will not be here today and share our common interest on our dear Lee Seung Gi - A Top Class Entertainer! Singapore Airens ~ Fighting!!!!

Project In-Charge: 

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