Thursday, November 10, 2011

[Airen Activities] Concert Hand Banner Voting Results!


Thank you for your vote and interest in purchasing the hand-banner!
23 Singapore airen participated in the vote.
We managed to source for 2 vendors to do hand-banners (size: 60cmx20cm)
However, there are bad and good news to this.

Bad news
It will be on a single-side print and they do not provide glow-in-the-dark print.
Our Solution:

To use glow-in-the dark gel to go over singapore.

As this is only feasible for airen who are attending the concert, we are leaving this optional. Pls confirm if you would wish to include the glow or without. Thanks.

Good news
We decided to customise the banner further by adding your name on it. (no additional print cost)
We also noted your feedback about adding korean words on it. The word i added is Lee Seung Gi, Singapore in Korean.
The print will be printed on UV Digital Silkscreen Fabric.

So here's how the hand-banner look.

We test-print on semi-vinyl with matt finish earlier. After proper checks and inspection on quality, although the printing is good but it leave some stretch marks after it being rolled up. Thus, we are switching to fabric instead. =)

Presenting to you our 1st print of the semi-vinyl!

The test print for fabric! It is on a silver white shiny fabric.

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